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    Golden Lotus crash

    On my server, [Golden Lotus] has taken a massive dive...

    I've been making a killing on Primal Diamond from transmutes and plenty from flasks, but my inventory is bloating and the price just keeps dropping.

    Anyone else seeing the same thing?
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    not at the prices you are golden lotus is diving but from its norm of 130g to 65g on week end then resurfaces during the week in my opinion someone might be duping or ur server just got a lot of farmers, cuz that many lotuses i mean ur looking at over 500 on the AH nothing suspicious lol. But id keep some stock like 10 stacks cuz at that price 10 stacks is easy lol but keep some stock for later incase prices come back up in 5.2 with the new raid and more interest in the flask market might drive the demand for lotuses higher therefore raising price.

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    lol i speculated on tiger opals and roguestones in 5.0 - bought a few hundred stacks for 2g per gem
    now i just bought couple thousand lotuses


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    My realm is seeing this as well golden lotus are being posting in huge numbers and the price is constantly decreasing. The other day golden lotus was in the mid 20's. I too was making a huge profit off of primal diamonds as well as other crafted items that use golden lotus but now prices are dropping because of the amount that is posted each day.

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    This started right after MMO-champion made a front page post about Golden Lotus yields from enigma seeds. I knew I should have got out the minute I saw it. You got to figure, 5 per day per person is an extra 35 a week. That post only had to influence a few dozen people on a sever to result in several extra stacks of lotuses per week.
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    I finally yesterday became revered with the tiller's so today after work I will be hopefully farming motes of harmony from songbell seeds. We see.
    If I am finally revered with the tillers, I think most players will start joining in.
    I admire people like @arby2001 who can buy low and sell high...I cannot my server is small and I can't take big bets on things as I never trust wow with spawn/exchange rates, every time I tried to pick something to bank and stockup on other than ore/herbs under 20g/stack, I have been burned.

    I don't think golden lotus will rise in the future, they may pop the week after 5.2 hits, but I think that will continue to drop.

    People have figured out how to exchange spirits of harmony's for 2 golden lotus.

    Now I will xmuting golden lotus > gems > primal diamonds & crafting flasks golden lotus > flasks.


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    same on my server. they're around 25g each. slowly trending down

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    Seeing it on my realm as well.


    Buying them up like mad and transmuting like crazy.

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    Jimmyolsen - Unless you need Spirits of Harmony for crafting, just plant Enigma seeds. you get a great yield of Golden Lotus (I personally think this is more significant than Spirit of Harmony exchange in driving the Lotus price drop), and you get other herbs that can go into flasks -- including the mushrooms that have maintained a high price on most servers.

    I have 4 full 16-plot farms and wish I had more =P. I plant Songbells only on my Leatherworker's farm at the moment...the rest are Enigma seeds, and some minor 'grocery' activity for my raiding needs. Once you have the rep for them, farms are a fantastic and time-efficient income opportunity.

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    well, the way this is going, i wouldnt even bother working on the farm anymore



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