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    blacklist / whitelist ... other types of lists?

    Is there an auction house add on that has a feature that allows you to always price match someone? I'm thinking it would work much the same as a whitelist or a blacklist.

    I found no such options with the addons I currently use.

    for example if suzi puts up mageweave at 60g a stack and silk at 40g a stack and I do not want to overcut her or undercut her.. but want to post mine up at the exact price every time without much thought.

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    White list in TSM, add the name of the player you want to match prices, it will not undercut them unless they have already been undercut.
    Black list will undercut that person no matter what.

    If you want to never undercut anyone you can set it to zero for the default undercut price with TSM or Auctionator.



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