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    Seeding the auction house Dust of Disaperance

    Many of you know that you can sell on the AH for about 1gp ea. It's low volume but minimal and easy to do.

    Once you hit 81 you can no longer use you must use .

    is available for purchase from vendors it's 10g ea.

    This item will not sell now for obvious reasons. But it is not a bad idea to start listing it on the AH so that auctioneer noobs will have price scans of it at 100g ea. The cost will be 10g Plus the AH listing fee of a few silver for 48 hours just keep re-listing them.

    The point behind this is so that when people start desiring these the price will have already been psychologically set @ 100g ea. I don't think you will be selling these at any volume at 100g ea but it will give you significant breathing room for the eventual undercutting that will happen once less learned individuals figure this out.

    I would really like some feed back upon what is the best seeding price? What price do you think these will eventually sell for?

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    Interesting idea in starting the prices up now. The problem is with this item is that blizzard intends it to be cheaper to craft than purchase from the vendor. Once the initial mats rush dies down and mats start becoming plentifull I believe this dust will be cheaper then the vendor price. There will be money to be made initially here and it is a smart idea. I was planning on posting some on the night of the 6th. Will posting these early at higher prices draw more attention to the market to early?

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    Only if some one is looking at it specifically. You won't get any notifications on this items because it has no history. Basically you are generating the data as long as you don't deviate from your price no one will know you are even listing them.

    Also each dust costs 2 inks It will also be responsible for the first 15 skill-up points for a scribe. The cost to create these will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30g for at-least the first month of the expansion.

    This will be a money maker for a few days tops then market will be flooded with those selling in an attempt to recoup costs presenting a possible buying opportunity. This isn't going to make you 10,000g but maybe 1,000 with minimal work.

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    So I have sold 5 of these at 100g ea.

    For the amount of work it was worth it I simply added a category to apm for them. I'm not sure how this will playout but it was a fun experiment to say the least.



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