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    Holiday AH trends

    What is the general consensus on how the upcoming holiday affects AH prices? You have a lot more people playing and casuals levelling - both delayed people getting the upgrade as a gift (although in the past release dates have usually been closer to the holiday itself so that may not happen as much this year) as well as people off of school/work with more time on their hands for a week or two.

    More mats for cheaper because of people farming more? Or more expensive because higher demand for leveling professions kicks in?

    More crafted rares/epics for cheaper because of people farming and crafting more? Or more expensive because of higher demand driven by people having the time to play?

    More demand for gems/enchants, driving prices up? Or more supply because of the mats farming, driving prices down?

    I'm not usually around over the holidays, I usually head out early to visit family, so I can't actually recall what happens in the past.

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    Personally I'd say don't purposely lower prices... if the demand is going up from people on winter break GREAT. Buy low, sell high (but not too high...), and watch out for great deals to snatch up for future reselling



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