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    Market Crash Advice...

    Hey everyone,

    Its been a long time since I've posted on the Consortium, but I figured I would come here seeking advice for a problem that I have stumbled upon.

    With that, let me begin!

    Early this afternoon I was going about my business and posting / re-posting (undercutting) 8 pieces of the Contender's Spirit Plate PVP gear (Blacksmithing built)

    Well, apparently I pissed this one guy off and he ended up post 4 to 5 pieces of each piece (4 helms, 5 gloves, 4 legs.... Etc.) at one time... For 10% of the market value.

    So, I logged off... thinking that this kid's rage would subside and he would take them off the AH after some time. Well, he didn't.

    They are still there.. And now, there are about 3 / 4 other posts that undercut his. (PER ITEM)

    So, essentially... This guy has crashed the Blacksmtihing market for those pieces.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do in this type of situation?

    I am peeved.. Because he acted in such an extreme manner and has ruined, mine and everyone's profits on this gear.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Basmastersix

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    Yep, keep buying him out and everyone below him if you have the gold. then just resell them, it will keep your stock up so you wont need to craft your own, this way YOU can set the price, while they lose profits.

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    Done, and done.

    Cost 7,000... But i have enough pieces to last me till the cows come home now! lol

    Thanks for the tips guys!

    - Basmastersix

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    I think more information is needed. You are saying that guy posted his items at 10% of the market value, is that below or above the cost to craft those items? If that's above the cost of materials that guy can do it as long as he wants and still make a profit. If that's below the cost of materials but if he really hates you it still doesn't take much to keep on doing it. Either talk to that guy and ask him what could be done so he won't flood the auction house or spend your time elsewhere, I don't think the market for any particular PvP set is that large.

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    first couple guys gave him terrible advice...

    you need to figure out if the pieces were 1. market rate (i.e. tiny profit) or 2. truly undervalued.
    most "cheap" stuff are simply going at the market rate because NO ONE wants to buy them, especially ilvl 450 pvp healer gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arby2001 View Post
    first couple guys gave him terrible advice...

    you need to figure out if the pieces were 1. market rate (i.e. tiny profit) or 2. truly undervalued.
    most "cheap" stuff are simply going at the market rate because NO ONE wants to buy them, especially ilvl 450 pvp healer gear.
    Actually, the Contender's Spirit set sells quite well. It is the ONLY gold-purchasable option at 90 to quickly raise your ilvl as a holy paladin so you can start running heroics. While there are far less Holy paladins than there are Retribution, a large number maintain a Holy offspec for raiding or some other reason.

    In reality, ALL of the crafted blacksmithing pieces sell decently mostly because plate wearing players seem to be more common than other armor types.

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    Well to give you some more information,

    Like Silound said... these Blacksmithing pieces sell very well. People that just hit level 90 often times look for a quick way to raise their item level so that they can begin doing other things other than quest, so, they purchase these pieces. (I know I did on my druid lol)


    Before this jackwagon destroyed the market... if I were to post 1 full 8/8 set... The total value of my auctions would be roughly 7,000 - 8,000 gold.

    NOW, when I post an 8/8 set... The total value sits at: 1,400 gold.

    So, despite whether or not the guy is farming the materials and then crafting the pieces and being a big ass and posting them for that cheap.. it still make zero sense why he is destroying his own profits.

    He has crushed this market substantially, roughly 6,000 gold worth... And I am at a loss for why he is doing it.

    - Basmastersix

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    Look cross faction...I move stuff all day to the other faction where one side is cheaper than the other.
    yes It costs a little more to have a second account...but the gold volume more than doubles, because you constantly take the flooded low priced item and post it on the other side.
    With the free remote app, I can make so much gold just sitting at work crafting nothing...just moving crafted goods/raw materials cross faction.

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    Just to provide some insight as to why someone MAY do something like this. I've done this exact thing on my server, posting the blacksmithing sets for basically 50g-100g profit per piece. And the reason is this: I can't be online all day undercutting, I can really only afford to post once a day, maybe twice if lucky. Maybe its my server but as soon as we get into these extremely high profit margin markets like the blacksmithing pieces for example where you could craft a piece for 100g then post for 700g, we get people camping the AH. So effectively by crashing the market I've gone from making 0 gold from not selling any pieces to making 1-2k profit per day with a still tanked market. Not to say that this is what is happening on your server, but just something to give some other perspective.

    Edit: to clarify why these even has worked for me is that by driving the market value down you obviously end up with less people interested in that particular market, so instead of having 5-6 guys all going after such a high return market and getting 0 sales, I end up with only 1 current competitor sharing the market
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