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Price Floors

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Thread: Price Floors

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    Price Floors

    First time here been following things and just got back into MOP, I am intersted in these Jewelcrafting and Inscription price floors. I hear about the ore shuffle and vendoring shoulder enchants. What is the price point on herbs and ore I should be looking for?

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    I would say it depends on your realm, but my market price for both is around 2g per, so I buy everything below 1.5g. Try wowuction or TUJ to look up median/mean market pricing for your specific realm
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    We have several threads refering to floorprices on the forum - use the searchfunnktion. The Matematical floorprice for herbs is between 34,38-43,75G depending on the herb (vendoring the rare ink, which currently it only something we would do in theory)
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