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    Eternal Belt Buckle - Get back now

    Hello Consortium,

    short time reader does his first post:

    We all know that the Eternal Belt Buckle is one of the allstars for Blacksmiths (and in case you did not - now you know).

    However I do believe that many of you left that market in the past year because of strong competition and therefore minor profit.

    I just leveled Blacksmithing to 450 yesterday, because I just could not get a 1-450 set away after a week of trying and still had a toon whose Herbalism I am not going to use in Cataclysm.

    Okay, so I put everything I created on the AH, and over night some things sold - but my Eternal Belt Buckle sold all out.

    So I did take another look at that one thing:

    Eternal Belt Buckle sells for 40g at the AH.

    The mats are 4 Saronite Bars, 1 Eternal Shadow, Eternal Earth and Eternal Water.

    I get Saronite Ore on my server frequently for 10g a stack (just smelting that means 2,5g profit - why are those guys selling at that price anyway?), that means one bar costs about 1g. Prices for the Eternals however have dropped significantly.
    Water was always cheap - and if one costs 2g it is really expensive. Shadow and Earth I can get for 3-4g each, sometimes lower, as people are getting rid of their stocked goods.

    So my costs are like:

    4 Saronite Bar = 8 Saronite Ore = 4g
    1 Eternal Earth = 4g
    1 Eternal Shadow = 4g
    1 Eternal Water = 2g

    That are maximum 14g for a return of 40g - about 26g minimum profit - about 150% profit or - that will quickly sell.

    So if you have been out of this market - consider coming back. Mats are cheaper then ever and the item still sells very well - and will still sell into the early leveling phase of cataclysm - because the first greens and blues will have item levels under 300.

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    They only sell for 13g each on my server sadly, and even then there is a HUGE amount of competition. But still excellent post, it has reminded me that I need to stock up more of them while the mat costs is so low, I'm sure they will be selling like mad come Cataclysm - with increased material prices.

    Good first post, welcome to the forums.
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    I believe this should prove to be a very safe bet. Regardless of how much they're selling for now, mats are dirt cheap. Cata mats will be costly for some time, so if you have some stock, you'll be able to undercut competition, all the while making a very healthy profit.

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    Here is your new belt buckle for cata.

    and here is your current one. Eternal Belt Buckle

    In Cataclysm, this belt buckle can't be applied to any item above lvl 300 and they are now stackable no more wasted bag space.

    so you can make these for the lowbe guys and then make the new ones for the 300+ gear people.
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    Interesting that they have the ilvl 500 restriction on the new one, I guess they are planning ahead.

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    These were not selling very high on my server. I made about 30 of them and put them on at around 30 g but people kept undercutting at around 12-15g. I stuck with it and kept mine at 40g. Now mine are all thats left and I'm selling them for 35-40g each.

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    The worst part of selling belt buckles is the damn AH listing cost, which can get nasty, if they aren't selling.

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    Thanks for your idea ^_^
    I've probably stopped part of my production a bit too early, I'll check if it's the same in my server.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maug View Post
    Here is your new belt buckle for cata.

    and here is your current one. Eternal Belt Buckle

    In Cataclysm, this belt buckle can't be applied to any item above lvl 300 and they are now stackable no more wasted bag space.

    so you can make these for the lowbe guys and then make the new ones for the 300+ gear people.
    If you actually read the post, he said that.
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    The buckles still sell on my server for around 40g each. I sell about 5 a day, sometimes more. and are the natural partners for this item but they aren't selling so well, although I still sell a couple of each a day for between 15 and 30g each. If they are profitable, make a few of these too, although this close to Cataclysm, I wouldn't make too many. Add enchanting rods (see this post) and you have your basic blacksmithing craftables. Between them all I sell between 10 and 20 a day, although demand has definitely fallen in the last few weeks.
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    Eternal Belt buckles will certainly still be in demand come Cata because of people like me - and to make things better, stocking up now should make a tidy profit for yourself as the materials will be rarer and more expensive.

    By people like me I mean altaholics. Belt buckles will still be relevant to me because I have so many alts that won't be at the iLevel 300+ stage, and I'll still buy them even if they're at 70-80 gold. Well, I would, but I've already stocked mine up for future alts.



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