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Thread: TSM Accounting

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    TSM Accounting

    So I pretty much make and sell most everything TSM tells me is profitable for enchanting. However, I think there are a few scrolls that never sell, and that I have no competition, so I continuosly repost at fallback which for me is %125 MP. This constantly pushes the value of the scroll up, but I don't think any of them ever sell. Here's my question:

    Is there an easy way using TSM to see if anything you have crafted has NOT sold, so that I can take it out of posting, which is just wasting gold.


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    I would actually love something which auto-calibrates the fallback markup and the crafting count by historical data. Auctioneer has something similar which adjusts your auto-posting prices based on beancounter results, and it worked fairly nicely, but as auctioneer simply doesn't have the same mass-posting power as TSM, I rarely use that anymore. Still, a column in TSM_crafting frames to show #sold and #posted cumulative counts would be an awesome feature.



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