I was clearing out some old vendor cooking recipes I intended using to leveling cooking on a alt but never got around to it. So I went off to the AH to try get rid of them for a few gold and noticed that none were listed in the AH so I put the up for 100g each just to see if anyone would actually buy them. Within 20mins they were all sold (one each of the list below)

So after a bit of research I found this out. The NPC called Gikkix and Jabby are no longer in the game due to Steamwheedle Port being destroyed in 4.0.3a. I talked to a GM about it and he confirmed to me that Gikkix is no longer in the game and the recipes are also no longer available to buy! He did say how ever they *might* be adding them back in on a future patch!

Not sure if you guys knew about this but it might be worth adding these to your snatch lists!

Recipe: Grilled Squid
Recipe: Nightfin Soup
Recipe: Poached Sunscale Salmon
Recipe: Spotted Yellowtail

Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder