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    Darkmoon trinket proc nerf

    I guess some of us will lose a lot of money because of this change:

    Dunno if I should sell my trinkets cheaper or we will still be able to sell them for a decent price.

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    Look's like they change the proc from 3027 to 2682:

    I checked the last fight where i used it and over 9min22sec i had 28,7% up time on the buff, so that a (3027-2682) x 0,287 = - 99 int. nerf (From an flat 956+869 to 956+770 int).

    Annoying, but overall it will not change my valuation (as long as they keep the PPM, Static stats ect. at the current level)
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    The active raiders will probably be less willing to pay for the trinkets after the nerf, but somebody gearing his alts with semi-decent gear should still be interested. I've been working to lower my production cost on the cards, so as long as the sale price per trinket doesn't fall below 8000g, I'll continue making them every faire.

    BTW - is there any info yet concerning the valor upgrade feature? I'd love to see a confirmation that the trinkets are upgradeable.

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    This is true, but nerf is a big scary word. If the word buff changed the value of Oxen hugely for a week, I think the word nerf will mess prices for a week or 2, but in the end prices will only be a few k gold lower once people realize it was not as scary as it sounds.

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    I have had the strength relic, I started listing it at bites, now I am down to 35k.
    Someone finally made another trinket and put it up for 50k..but his isn't selling either..

    I don't even know what to do with my scroll of wisdoms,,but I keep trying to make another deck.

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    As far as i can tell, this doesn't change the BiS ranking of these trinkets whatsoever. So expect a price dip for a week until people realize this. Wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out for people who are trying to dump super low >.O
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    "We didn't change the stats on the relics. We made a behind the scenes change to let them upgrade correctly. Data mining issue?" - Ghostcrawler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elen View Post
    "We didn't change the stats on the relics. We made a behind the scenes change to let them upgrade correctly. Data mining issue?" - Ghostcrawler does this confirm they WILL be upgradable with valor? :O

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    Blue post:
    No! Bad! Stop pointing to data-mined content as fact. The change that got picked up was actually an adjustment to Darkmoon Card trinkets for Challenge Mode stat scaling.

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