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    Arrow Help With JC, Alchemy, Inscrip, ETC. Thanks in advance!

    Hey guys. This patch, I decided to (attempt to) go hard on making gold. So far, I've made 25k in 7 days. I did, however, spent 15k doing this. I have a few questions, and I will try and get to the point in a quick and organized manner. Please leave me a comment/response and let me know what you think


    My questions for Jewelcrafting are as follows:
    • What is the best way to do the shuffle? I've been prospecting Ghost Iron, crafting Rings & Necks and D/E'ing them. Then I make Windsong if profitable.
    • What are the best cuts to try and go for? Are the Meta Cuts worth it?


    I've been doing this one good, but there is a bot trying to flush me out. I was posting 200+ glyphs at 250g+/glyph. He then undercut me down to 30g/glyph. Not BY 30g but TO 30g/glyph. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to make profit. How can I handle this? So far I'm just going to keep posting but now I can't reset the market.


    Besides living steel, best gold ideas?

    Finally, what are your best 3 items to sell, and why are they as such? Should I level tailoring and Blacksmithing? I know the bags are a big profit maker, but I'm unsure if it's too pricy to level. And is blacksmithing worth it? I have a 600 Enchanter, JC, Alch, Inscrip and Miner. Any suggestions to make gold with these are great. I DON'T want to be the one who farms, as we all know thats not a true goblin

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    I think it's helpful for people to know what population sized realm you are on. Since we spoke in game already, it's high pop if that helps anyone that is going to give advice.

    And unfortunately, whether prices are high or low for glyphs there seems to always be at least one if not multiple bots camping the F out of that market. I'm not sure if the guy currently crashing prices is botting the AH as his heat map is plausible as opposed to some past botters that were going 24/7 literally.
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    I would navigate over to the professions part of the forum as there are a lot of relevant threads including these:

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    Thanks for the reply Eze!

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    30g a glyph? come to my server where you'd be lucky to see 3G.

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    For alchemy - I have found it profitable to use the living steel to make belt buckles. Not high volume for me but more profitable than selling the living steel. To get pattern I needed to have BS honored with Klaxxi so had to get to level 89.

    Also have the alchemist (transmute specialty) make diamonds if they are profitable on your server)

    Flasks aren't that profitable on my server but might be on yours...



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