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    Transferring funds cross-faction

    I trade cross-realm but my low-pop side funds are dwindling and I would like to replenish it with as little losses as possible. I definitely dont want to give the AH any more gold than needed so Im wondering what are some of the best items to transfer over from a high pop side to a low pop side and will sell quickly while still retaining as much of its value as possible.

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    I personally have been using DM trinkets. Now might be an opportune time as there should be plenty posted on your AH at lower than usual prices. Faction specific pets and recipes are another good option.

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    If you are involved in the DMF market, you can send all those rare shoulder enchants through the neutral AH for 1c each and vendor them x-faction. At 18g75s you need a lot of them to build any kind of serious capital, but on the other hand you are possibly drowning in ink of dreams by now.



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