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    Anybody else having issues with recipes?

    I haven't been able to sell any recipes for a long time. I have several that I picked up for steals, but I can't stand listing them anymore. I have had some recipes for over 6 months now, and keep listing or I will miss a day or two relisting and somebody will post another for 1/5th the value. I am to the point where I am ready to throw them up for 5k each and let somebody else deal with them or just use them on professions. Most I have 2 of because somebody posted it way under value. I am lost at what to do *shrug* I see people flipping recipes all the time, I am on a high/full population server and it seems like nobody is collecting recipes.

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    Heh, I have a lot of recipes sitting on AH for months. Once in a while, one of them sells, and that's fine. However, I'm more and more sticking to rarest recipes, since the "rare" one do not sell for much, and the listing fees are too much if you sell under 1k.

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    Since MoP hit my recipe sales have crashed. I still sell one here and there, but nothing like it used to be.

    I'm still buying deals and listing them since the fees are minimal. I imagine they'll pick back up once people are done doing dailies and such, and are back in a groove.

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    Rare recipe sales have slowed since MoP, but there are still buyers out there, some of whom are making their money in new MoP markets (such as farm vegetables).

    I have about 50-60 different recipes posted most of the time. Most do come back in the mail, but the surprise from an occasional purchase is still worth it to me from a cost/benefit perspective.

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    My recipes sales have been terrible too since MoP. It's still super easy to list them though with TSM so I have no problem just waiting for the right buyer to come along.

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    Recipe sales have definitely slowed, yet I've still been picking up pretty good patterns every few days. Pattern: Mooncloth Circlet for 150g comes to mind off the bat.

    I think sales will pick back up once people accrue money from farms, dailies again and have the time to pursue vanity such as completionism.

    Edit: Have around 200 patterns listed, and a 1+ Guild Bank tabs full of spares. Am lucky to make 1k per listing cycle, though I find steals every few days or so.
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