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    Pricing dealfinding list

    So I've copied a large dealfinding list into TSM.
    However all the maximum prices are set at 1c.
    These are all rare, historical items not normally seen so I'm not worried about multiple hits if I set the price higher.
    Is there a way to mass change the prices to say 500k ea so that I can be sure, if it's on the AH, I'll see it?
    Last resort I can manually change them I guess...would prefer not to.

    Ahhh....I figured out that Dealfinder doesn't exclude items based on Max Price per just shows the AH price as a % of it.
    Problem solved...and two good deals found!!

    2nd edit:
    Arghhh!...when i rerun the scan I get "Nothing below dealfinding price from last scan". It seems the 1c price is filtering what the scan will show me. original question there a way to mass set the prices on a dealfinding list?
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