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    Savory Deviate Delight.. Fixed?

    Is the drop rate for back to normal? It went from being 20+ on the AH at less than 30g/ea, to only 2 on the AH, one bid only currently at 95g (and actually being bid on) and one at 500g.. Did Blizzard fix their mistake, or did someone decide to buy an entire bank-full of these recipes...?

    What is happening with it on your guys' servers?

    ALSO: I just sold one for 250g that I bought for 20g. Hooray!

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    i have 6 in my AH for 500-700g buy outs. Yesterday and the day before there was none

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    Are you on a low pop. server? There must have not been alot of people leveling alts. We had about a million troll druids and tauren pallies being leveled. It was hell.

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    no im on a medium pop server

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    False alarm I suppose.. More were posted last night (about 20) at under 50g. /sigh

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    Prices on Horde AH on my server is down to 30G each this morning. Prices on Ally side are 500G . But not much sale on the AH (i have had 3 lowest at 400G with 1 sale over the night).

    I picked up 2-3 at a time on horde side, transfered them to Ally, and traded through the trade channel offering them very cheap. I started selling at 600G, but more people have obviourly spotted that there was something wrong. Yesterday evening i could still sell some, but had to go down to 250-300G eash - but thats still a very nice profit when you payed 50G for it.

    I don't know how many i acturlly sold 30-35 mayby. The total profit are around 10.000G for 4-5 times 20 minutes in the trade channel-

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    They're down to 15g each.

    I am selling them for 250-350g each on Ally side. SLOWLY. But I'm not complaining.