View Poll Results: How large is your AH market?

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  • Very small: less than 10,000

    5 8.62%
  • Small: 10,001 - 15,000

    7 12.07%
  • Medium: 15,001 - 20,000

    16 27.59%
  • Large: 20,001 - 25,000

    11 18.97%
  • Very large: 25,001 or more

    19 32.76%
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    How Large is Your Market?

    I'm curious to see how large the typical AH market is. I play on medium & high pop servers, where you'll see 15,000 and 23,000 auction respectively.

    To check how many auctions are up, run any auction search and check at the bottom of the UI pane - it should tell you the total number of auctions.
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    Medium for me, usually hovers right at 15k

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    Excluding randomly-enchanted items ("of the Boar", "of the Eagle"), most markets at The Undermine Journal are at 15k-25k auctions. Very few are under 10k, usually those realms marked as "New Players". I see hardly any between 31k and 39k, with a few real heavy hitters (Mal'Ganis Horde, Area 52 Horde, Blackrock Horde) hovering around 40k in prime time.

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    A-Ysondre is usually just over 10k.

    10.3k ATM
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    My server is enormous, it's the largest Horde population of any server in the game. Doing a glyph summary takes over 5 minutes somedays. It's not uncommon to see 50+ copies of each glyph or gem, belt buckles, etc (common items). Last night the queues went up over 1000 people with 15-20 minute waits, and Org was absolutely jammed with people causing my top end video card to work overtime.

    Update - just checked upon getting home. Over 40,000.
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    I generally see around 25k and sometimes more than 30k. My server is med/high population but the overwhelming majority of the population is Alliance.

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    ~15 k on my server. Low/med population.

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    Last time I did one, there was 55kish up, and that was early in the morning. Blackrock is a PST server with a VERY large Aussie crowd and a pretty decent EST crowd. This means that there are 3 different "peak" times. I've never done a scan and seen below 49k, and that was the lowest I've ever seen it with 65k being the highest I've seen. One of the best botters (and ore sellers) just left recently and he used to put up about 10k by himself between his ore and herbs.
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    Over 40k items up on my alliance AH
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    Just reading this thread, makes me think it's time to move to a bigger server.

    I think 18-19k has been pretty standard on my current server, but a large chunk of that was multiple glyph listings.
    Realistically, maybe a 13-14k item list is more standard.

    Is it time to start being a smaller fish in a big ocean, or continue to be a big fish in a small pond?