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    Abyss Shatter


    So on my server currently abyss crystals are going 14-15g each which is rather cheap, im buying them all out and shattering them and making a killing in profit 4k in the past 2 days, my question is when do u stop taking the risk do i continue and poor more of my resources into this market or walk away now while im ahead.
    Prices are steadyly droping but im still make a decent profit on a stack. when would u walk away i guess is the big question.

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    As soon as folks transition over to Cataclysm enchanting. Warth enchants are a bit fliniky at the moment with stats reverting back to basics. Spell power stat is gone thus the best Intellect weapon enchant is from TBC. Even agility stat classes and the 2 protection tank specs are using Mongoose instead o Blade Ward (parry based).

    You might want to study the Enchanting profession across all 4 expansions and the class/stat changes.
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    I think it would depend on you are selling. If you are selling enchanting scrolls, I would expect the WOTLK scroll market to decrease as we get closer to the xpac, however Raw materials may go up as people stockpile to get those first few skill points using WOTLK Mats. Personally, I would do a quick comparison of the profit you are getting from said Market and keep a threshold in mind, when the profit gets close to your threshold, stop investing and take another look at the market.

    Either way there are risks, you could stop investing and lose out on a lot of gold -or keep investing and have a bunch of materials left over. Of Course you could always save what you don’t sell now for a few months, historically enchanting mats will rise in price after an expansion as there are less and less players leveling through the content and it’s not the easiest thing to farm.

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    I'd ride it until it stops being profitable. Enchanting levelers will always need mats, so you'll always have a chance to get out of overstock.

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    Thanks for the idea, I know I can make a killing on my server doing this.



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