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    Can you copy and paste your AH snatch list to another Factions AH?

    I know more and more people are starting to cross faction trading and curious if anyone knows if this is possible.

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    If you're searching from the same account, the snatch list should remain unchanged.

    Otherwise, just copy paste your Auc-advanced.lua file into the appropriate folder (you'll have to dig this up, I don't have wow access here).
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    I should of said its on 2 different accounts that I use on one computer.

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    World of Warcraft folder > WTF > Account

    Then select the folder of the account you have your main snatch list on > server > select any toon that would have an up-to-date version of your auctioneer data > savedvariables > Auc-advanced.lua

    Select "Auc-advanced.lua" right click and copy

    Then go back to your WTF folder, pick the account you want to copy into > server > any toon you'd run auctioneer on > savedvariables and then right click anywhere in the window, select paste and when asked, chose to "copy and replace Auc-advanced.lua" if it asks.

    That should do the trick, if you're really worried you might mess it up, save a copy of the Auc-advanced.lua you are over-writing to your desktop as a back-up.

    Probably the most detailed answer I could give at 1 am :P Whether it works, I'm not sure, but it should, logically.
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