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    How many auctions up at once

    How many auctions do you typically have up at any given time?

    What is the most you have ever had up?

    For me it is probably under 20 at any time and the max is probably 150 way back in vanilla.

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    It really depends on what alt I'm on.

    Basic Sales alt (Enchanting Rods, other BS items, Bags, pets): Usually around 100-150 during a normal day.
    Glyph Alt: 800 at least at any given time. I post 3 of each with a 10g threshold.
    Gem Alt: I don't post on him much anymore (until Cata) but I used to have around 75-150 up at any given time. I really messed up here because the deposits are so expensive for gems, I probably cost myself 2-3% profit from reposting too much. Oh well
    Epics Alt: End Game epics sale, I always had 15-30 up. Usually just 1 of each item, but there were a lot of great selling epics in WotLK.
    Meta Gem Alt: I had to make a new alt just for this, because gems were too much for one guy to handle. I had around 50-75 up on this alt.This guy held 8-9 bags full of meta gems, pre cut and uncut. I wish they'd make a gem bag with 30+ slots
    "Nothing can happen till you swing the bat."

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    300-400 between Glyphs, Gems, Junk Dealer, BS & Enchants.

    Kinda sporadic right now with cata being close, I have over 500 auctions going so stuff isn't selling well at market prices.

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    At times in the past I've easily had 2000+, especially when enchanting mats had no deposit. At the moment, often between 500 and 1000. At this very moment - about 500.

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    Over my whole business i generally have around 1000 auctions up at an average time.

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    At the height of my glyph sales I had 1200+ glyphs up alone. That is a pain because it takes forever to get them all out of your mailbox, but the profits of a 30% market share made it worth it. Average for me is around 500 auctions now spread across all categories.

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    Good god I am out of it...

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    Currently around 350, but market is slow right now. Normally I have around 500-600, but that was before I got into the Glyph market. Now that I plan on being a Glyph contender on my server I expect my active auctions to go up.

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    I would be surprised to see most of the 1M+ people under 1000 auctions on a "normal" day.

    I think currently, having stopped the gold machine till Cata, I'm down to 250 auctions at a time.
    That's having stepped out of JC, Glyphs and reducing enchants.

    Just a handy link, if you're curious about posting volume, a lot of this is captured by TUJ.
    If you're looking at a realm, go to the TOP Sellers link. You can see how many items a person has at the AH at any given moment. not me, not my realm.
    Just some random guy, with 1100 auctions on at the time of this post.

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    Right now, I just have about 100 on each faction's AH.

    Normally (until a month ago), I had around 1000 on each faction AH.



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