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    Eternal Earth

    Hey guys Im new to the site and I am determined to rake in the gold for cata but I need help on some investments. I understand Saronite ore is a good investment for cata since u can always resell the bars if its not moving. My question is what are your guys/gals opinion on Eternal earth. I have bein making my money buying Eternal earth for under 4g each and Crafting Stoneguard Band and D/Eing it. I sell the Infinite dust for 30g+ and Greater Cosmic Essence for 10g+ . Would it be a good idea to stockpile these for cata enchanters?

    I have 18k Gold
    1 Orb of deception
    1 Hurricane

    I am planning to flip in cata. I really like the Orb of deception and plan to sell it to a worgen + Orb = Goblin?

    sorry got off topic heh


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    I to have been dabbing in this market recently i can if im lucky get eternal earth for 4g a pop but also have a friend who im getting them from at 2g a piece, i think a small investment for cata when we have rerollers who will need mats aint a bad idea but dont go to over board.

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    I pick them up for 3g each. I normally use half to make the and DE them and save the rest. It depends on what the price of is. A little suggestion. Dont make the rings till you need them. Takes up less bag space.
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