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    Gold Farmers Auction House Camping

    On my alts server they have a gold website camping the auction house all day. They corner the market for all profession items and have destroyed the economy. Everything you post is undercut in seconds. This has been going on for many months.

    I've learned to just go around what they post while dropping the prices near their threshold for fun.

    What would you do if this was your server?

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    I actually had this exact same problem I my server, on of them even spoke English and would blatantly tell me he worked for a gold selling company. Some of them do it similar to how folks do it here on these forums but some do actually bot. It took me and a handful of other legit gold makers to report them daily until finally most of them disappeared (I am guessing banned). There is still currently one person whom I have suspected is a bot for 6 months now because he/she is in almost all markets, undercuts in seconds and is online 24 hours a day. People who were on my server longer told me he/she has been around since TBC, so maybe its really a person who never sleeps, or 2 people doing it on shifts. :\

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    If you are on a US server and you have access to undermine journal you can have a look at when they are posting. Maybe it just seems like they are on 24/7.

    If they are on 24/7 and you suspect them to be a bot ask report them. Give a compelling argument. IE acording to the undermine journal so and so posts auctions every hour every day. Many gold farmers /botters have methods to launder gold/money etc. It is difficult for blizzard to determine if they are or are not. Regardless if they are botting or not if you can show they are wrecking the economy then they might hand out a 3 hour ban etc. This will eventually progress to 72 hour bans and then they will be perma banned. They will either make a new account or change to a less hostile server.

    To a botter losing a auction house posting account is nothing. They have various ways of filtering/ laundering transactions. Yes you can inconvenience them but this is their lively hood they aren't going to give up and starve to death etc. Long story short report them have everybody you know report them eventually they will leave. Or tone down the undercuts. Botters don't want to be noticed they want to make as much gold as fast as they can with out anybody even knowing they are there.

    As to the various ways think about the mail system mail is only logged for so long and then is deleted though experimentation it has been discovered logs are kept for a maximum of about 64 days. Also guild banks an account can't be held responsible for what other accounts deposit in a guild bank or what accounts withdraw.



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