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    Argent Tournament pet advice.

    I am in need of advice... I'm quite certain of my plan, but I need advice on how I should go about it.

    I have about 43k in solid gold right now (Not alot, I know) and was looking for something to invest in for Cataclysm that is going to be for sure profit.. So I decided on Argent Tournament pets. I already sold alot of them, but decided that I should buy and hold them til cata, when no one is doing the tourney dailies.

    I'm on a server where Alliance is about 15% of the server, while horde is wildly out of control at 80%+, because of these circumstances I have alot to gain with Tournament pets by flipping them cross-faction, due to the fact that there are simply not that many alliance, and even fewer taking the time to do the dailies.

    So I'm willing to invest 20-25k in pets for Cata, and I know I'll make a good profit on them down the road, but I need advice (now to the point) on how I should obtain them.. Should I go to trade chat, spamming to buy cheaper than AH prices then hold them? if I did this, I would risk people catching on and either hording for themselves, or just not selling... if I buy from AH it will be quite a bit more expensive, but more..secretive?

    I'm not sure.. Could I get some advice on this? I know you're all quite smart.

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    Ah, trade chat PvP, my favorite. Spam trade chat! Use the following line, as this has always worked for me in the past:

    WTB (insert pet name here), paying XXXg, need for my alt please. Anyone cash in tokens? PST.

    Get the pet link off WoWHead. Spam that over and over. Insert additional pets if needed. Or ask the seller if they can get you particular ones if you want to misdirect people in trade but land a different one. Familiarize yourself with the pet prices currently, and anyone that offers to sell at the AH price is stupid. Just tell them you are (pick one) Buying it for a girl/boyfriend's birthday, trying to finish an achievement, just buying for an alt and don't want to pay that much, etc. Be nice.

    Half the time you'll end up with someone that doesn't look at prices on the AH and just wants the quick gold. Don't be too cheap, certain prices never land sellers. Always ask if they can cash in more tokens than just one pet. Keep spamming after they sell. Sometimes you'll get someone that's auctioning and they'll take the thing down just to get the gold.

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    I actually just wrote a post on this and it went live this evening. I think Argent Pets are a great investment. Especially opposite faction pets. 20-25k of your liquid is a bit much though to invest. I think it could end up leaving your starved of liquidity during the first 3-6 months of Cataclysm. These pets are going to be a long term investment. I would invest maybe a fourth of your total into pets. That should be enough to buy you 10-12 which should turn into close to 30k or more down the road.
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    It really depends on how much you have. If 20-25k is only a few percent of your total, that wouldn't be too bad. That would probably be less than 100 pets too, which shouldn't take more than a couple months of very casual selling to reclaim a hefty bunch of cash.

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    I think they are a good investment and have a few stockpiled. Who is going to want to bother taking the trouble to earn them when Cata kicks in?

    I buy any that I see for 500g or less.

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    My server has a 2:1 Horde:Alliance ratio.

    I have been making a killing from moving alliance pets to horde and vice versa. My original plan was to stockpile and I'd been doing this for about 6 weeks but the flip is already generating such high margins that I'm not sure how many I'll keep until cataclysm.

    The going rate for a Horde pet is 400g (or was anyway). On alliance, the same pet reliably sells withing 2 days for 1800 to 2200, assuming I only list one at a time.

    Lately I've seen prices, both for flipped and unflipped pets rising. Current price for a flipped pet is around 2400-2500 and unflipped is around 600-700.

    So, my advice: try flipping a couple just now and see what they bring. If you are the only lister, shoot for the sky and try for 500% profit or more. I think that many people are just finishing off collections right now before the new content comes in. (Which is why things like the Red Whelp Gloves patterns that's only a few copper on alliance has been selling one a day for the past week at 250g Horde-side.

    Take advantage of peoples boredom to help them finish their collections and flip a pet today!

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    As others have said, I think they're a terrific investment considering after Cataclysm, who is going to want to do the Argent Tournament just for pets? They will rise in value quite a bit.
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    Currently the prices on alliance for alliance pets (not many on the AH I can tell you that much) is about 800g a piece, and on horde they seem to be between 1,500g and 2,000g. As for Horde ---> Ally pets they aren't as good.. Horde pets go for 500-600g/ea, but only sell for 1,100 at the most on alliance side, and with such an incredibly small percentage of the server being alliance, it's terribly hard to sell anything on alliance side. Anything I snatch off the neutral AH or alliance AH (pets, patterns, gear) I always transfer over to the horde side and sell on my alts there, then bring the gold back over.

    I'm thinking of stockpiling about 5-10k worth of horde pets at 500g or under, and then 15-20k worth of Alliance pets at slightly higher, because I know they'll be more rare and alot more sought after.

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    I ran into a similar problem but the opposite direction. The Alliance pets weren't selling well on the Horde side because of the low population. What I eventually did was offer to trade pets. Very often there were people who had 40 seals but had all the Horde pets already. So, they were happy to get an Alliance pet for 40 seals. Then I moved the Horde pet (usually the pet of my choice) back to the Alliance side and made the bigger profit there.

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    I had a deal with one guy selling me pets, about 20 of them, at 200g/ea... But he wised up after he sold me a few and stopped. I was bummed, but even more bummed when I realized I had sold them all... Granted, I sold them for 800g profit pretty easily on all of them, but I should have saved them. Oh well. Live and learn I suppose. I'll be on the lookout for cheap deals. I've also started doing the dailies on my main toon.. Which is rare for me. I almost never work for my money. It makes me sad, but it will be huge profit and steady income down the road.