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    Selling Role Play Items

    I just transferred realms to Moon Guard (RP) and am starting to put together a list of things that sell either for RP purposes or just for their looks. Most of us have probably already read Marcko's post on JMTC about starter clothing but what other items (besides the pets we all know about) are out there that you can sell just for their looks? I'd like to start a list of things that sell (for a profit) just for their looks.

    I'll start with most of the Imperial Set. I can make this and sell it for a good profit on Moonguard. Any other items out there people know of?

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    apparently sells pretty well.

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    I chuckle at the irony when I read "I transfer to Moon Guard & my forum name is Bangkok Bill"...brings back fond memories Moon Guard Shenaniganz.

    Ah hmm *clears throat*...anyway, I was on a RP server myself and the best way is to visit a RP hotspot. On Sentinels realm, it was Silvermoon City on the Horde side. Most RP folks want armor items that look cool and not necessary be a green item that is a random drop. RP spans the entire spectrum of human behavior and the table top D&D; farmer, cos-play, sexual, etc. Certain RP do not even involve visual appearance but simply chat, think medival dialog. While I was on Sentinels, I was in a world PvP guild called the Nightwatch and we would pick a contested zone and "defend" low level questers from getting ganked.

    In short, know what your buyers would want. The RP folks are a finikey and picky crowd, and do not expect to make a pile of gold off these folks. Time is money and time spent on RPing is not time spent on gold farming.
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    I am clueless when it comes to RP. I mean I know what it is, I just don't get it.
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