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    Question Eternal Fire Advice - Sell now or hold?

    I had 1 stack of , and I just landed a great deal and bought 10 stacks at 8g each/160g/stack (they sell for 15-20g on my server).

    Hold them or just take the profit now?
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    Quite a few of the profs will use the fires for tradeskill leveling so I expect to see a temporary spike once people stop actively farming these items. Hang on for the ride imo!

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    See i am wondering this too as i have a stash of abyss crystal infinite dust and greater essences and wondering if i should sell now or wait .

    I know on my server eternal fires are still about 12-15g each , but i have found making the crafting bags as a tailor to be the best use as i saw on Colds blogs and have commented about it on mine here .

    So i suppose if you want a quick profit resell or make bags but i am not sure about keeping them .


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    Recover your capital and hold.

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    As long as you can do without the gold being tied up it's not a problem. Though I would actually flip now for the profit and try and put it into something else, even the same or similar deal if possible. Ask yourself what you think the value may be at a later date, are thinking 40-50g each, or similar to what you're getting now 15-20g? If it's the later get rid of them now, if not hold on. You could always play the middle and start unloading 7-8 stacks now and hold the remaining 2-3 stacks for later.

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    I don't understand why on earth you would hold onto them? It's like saying "I just bought 30,000 buggy whips for a dollar! When the horse and carriage comes back I'll be rich!"

    I am sitting on about 120 of them right now that I'm using for Titansteel making purposes, but outside of that I'm not interested in holding them too long. There is a possibility someone might want them for blacksmithing from 420-425, and maybe for Titansteel later on (like me), but it's extremely niche.

    Flip them now in my opinion.

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    Looking at what drops them...mainly level 77+ mobs, which means people leveling won't be picking up many of them. And comparing it to their potential usefulness in the expansion...There will be quite a few interesting items they are needed for, which means there will still be reasonable demand for them.
    It would appear that holding onto them is a very low risk if you are happy to tie up your gold by holding onto them.

    After the first few weeks when people have finished dumping their outstanding stocks, eternal fire will likely become quite rare as it's not a commodity you pick up a great deal of while naturally leveling up and will rise in price in general. It will likely be rare enough that it you keep an eye on the market you will likely even be able to sell them at times where you can pretty much dictate the price you want.

    If you have very little capital to play with then i would likely sell them now to invest in something better. If you have a lot of capital to work with and won't miss a few hundred gold then i would hold onto them with the expectation of waiting for an opportune moment to offload them.

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    I would weigh in, with selling them. I may be kicking myself in the a** later, but I've been emptying out my banks furiously.

    Every day, my Snatch list scan gets longer and longer, and I see prices WAY below what I'm used to paying.
    However, having been through 2 expansions before, I've seen prices PLUMMET for anything non-current, for about 6 months after an expansion.

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    What about frozen orbs?
    Last edited by Balgur; November 15th, 2010 at 02:43 PM.

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    Would be awesome if Eternal Fire turned into what Primal Air is now (goes for 60-80g on my server). Is there a reason Primal air is so expensive? Does that reason correlate to what Eternal Fire could potentially be?



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