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    Rare vanilla drops

    Below the are all the blue/green profession recipes drops from vanilla with a non-boss drop percentage of 0.001 (ie 0.1% or 1/10%) or less. I excluded items like which only drop from bosses.
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    Now who wants to code the undermine journal plug in to auto notify these? lol

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    Undermine Journal or Remote Auction House. I'd like to get my hands on a modified RAH crawler.

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    Careful guys...

    Taught by trainers:
    best drop rate [npc]Blackhand Assassin[/npc] 0.00004 (47965)
    best drop rate [npc]Hive'Zara Drone[/npc] 0.00052 (11473)
    best drop rate [npc]Necromancer[/npc] 0.00019 (5197)
    best drop rate [npc]Summoned Blackhand Dreadweaver[/npc] 0.00021 (9308)
    best drop rate [npc]Mok'rash[/npc] 0.00015 (6868)
    best drop rate [npc]Jaedenar Cultist[/npc] 0.00091 (101962)
    best drop rate [npc]Corporal Noreg Stormpike[/npc] 0.00016 (6083)
    best drop rate [npc]Somnus[/npc] 0.00077 (3909)
    best drop rate [npc]Scholomance Dark Summoner[/npc] 0.00030 (184142)
    best drop rate [npc]Crimson Battle Mage[/npc] 0.00024 (53258)
    best drop rate [npc]Ghoul Ravener[/npc] 0.00015 (422632)
    best drop rate [npc]Spectral Researcher[/npc] 0.00022 (231760)
    best drop rate [npc]Cyclone Warrior[/npc] 0.00017 (5762)
    best drop rate [npc]Spitelash Siren[/npc] 0.00037 (153070)
    best drop rate [npc]Doomforge Arcanasmith[/npc] 0.00013 (110882)
    best drop rate [npc]Timbermaw Shaman[/npc] 0.00023 (4404)
    best drop rate [npc]Scarlet Warder[/npc] 0.00035 (80732)
    best drop rate [npc]Scarlet Enchanter[/npc] 0.00083 (55496)
    best drop rate [npc]Vilebranch Shadowcaster[/npc] 0.00043 (39500)
    best drop rate [npc]Atal'ai Witch Doctor[/npc] 0.00017 (350920)

    No longer available and taught by trainers:

    best drop rate [npc]Timbermaw Ursa[/npc] 0.00068 (2946)
    best drop rate [npc]Hive'Zara Drone[/npc] 0.00078 (11473)
    best drop rate [npc]Unseen Servant[/npc] 0.00046 (28380)
    best drop rate [npc]Spectral Citizen[/npc] 0.00034 (26698)
    best drop rate [npc]Lingering Highborne[/npc] 0.00024 (17003)
    best drop rate [npc]Lingering Highborne[/npc] 0.00047 (17003)
    best drop rate [npc]Dark Summoner[/npc] 0.00017 (17980)
    best drop rate [npc]Dark Caster[/npc] 0.00057 (21201)
    best drop rate [npc]Dark Caster[/npc] 0.00094 (21201)
    best drop rate [npc]Dark Shade[/npc] 0.00019 (10675)
    best drop rate [npc]Grand Inquisitor Isillien[/npc] 0.00090 (2225)

    There's an extremely valuable lesson to learn from this list.

    The second section (Brightcloth/Ghostweave/Wizardweave) are recipes that were removed by blizzard. They then added the recipes to trainers. I hope this isn't their plan for some recipes in Cataclysm.
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    Thanks for the sanity check there Sterling! I think there is some expression about the difference between wisdom and knowledge that would be appropriate here

    Looks like I can pull the trainer info from wowhead and further filter the list. Look for an update soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
    I'd like to get my hands on a modified RAH crawler.
    I have one, although it's not really suitable for use by others (command line tool) that I threw together in java.

    What exactly would you want it to do?

    Mine, for example, watches the neutral AH for people transferring items. It checks once a minute (so it's likely to miss many, but if people are doing lots of transfers, it will catch some). It could very easy be set to autobuyout but I'm re-reading the TOS to see if that's permissable.

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    I think I'm going to play around with Chrome extensions and build something. I'm not sure yet what I want it to do.

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    Here is the updated list, factoring in the removal of trainable recipes.

    best drop rate [npc]Hakkari Frostwing[/npc] 0.00022 (13859)
    best drop rate [npc]Master Elemental Shaper Krixix[/npc] 0.00016 (6439)
    best drop rate 0.00084 (53703)
    best drop rate [npc]Firebrand Darkweaver[/npc] 0.00068 (74698)
    best drop rate [npc]Mistwing Ravager[/npc] 0.00063 (1589)
    best drop rate [npc]Fireguard Destroyer[/npc] 0.00025 (338408)
    best drop rate [npc]Chromatic Elite Guard[/npc] 0.00024 (8337)
    best drop rate [npc]Wyrmkin Firebrand[/npc] 0.00094 (1069)
    best drop rate 0.00059 (80031)
    best drop rate 0.00089 (53703)
    best drop rate 0.00089 (53703)
    best drop rate [npc]Hitah'ya the Keeper[/npc] 0.00018 (16457)
    best drop rate [npc]Dark Shade[/npc] 0.00028 (10675)
    best drop rate [npc]Crown Sprinkler[/npc] 0.00024 (4160)
    best drop rate 0.00072 (5532)
    best drop rate 0.00041 (22061)
    best drop rate 0.00046 (8664)
    best drop rate [npc]Ambershard Crusher[/npc] 0.00010 (9978)
    best drop rate 0.00072 (5532)
    best drop rate 0.00063 (22227)



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