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    Running Out of Dream Shards

    I'm having difficult attaining these at a reasonable price I have an addiction lets say and i use 100-400 a week.

    Some one on my server is trying to manipulate the dream shard market and has taken the price from 3g ea to 6g ea.

    I try /2 nobody has the volume i need.

    I can still buy his dream shards as I am profitable. I just don't want to encourage his market manipulation attempts.

    I suppose I could exit the SOE market for a bit I feel like I sort of control the demand for the dream shard market.

    I am down to my last few hundred shards. I was hoping to stock pile these more completionists' will be forced to buy dream shards to get all the item enchantments and they are pretty much needed to level enchanting.

    Any ideas?

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    Addiction, eh? Are you grounding them up and snorting them? That could be unhealthy. You should know these things dr!

    If you're down to last few hundred in stock, that means you can hold out buying for at least a week, right? I'd do so just to temporarily slow demand. Call it a personal pet peeve, but I don't like giving these people my gold.

    Or, since you say you can still be profitable, you can always buy up the bare minimum you need. Buying 100 at 6g instead of 3g, you're looking at an extra 300g - which isn't all that much in the grand scheme of things.

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    Rule #1 is to make profit.

    Rule #2 is to make more profit.

    Don't skip Rule #1 chasing Rule #2. If you can do other things to make the same profit and give DS a chance to cool off that's great, and I agree with Pennyworth on letting your current inventory ride, but when push comes to shove don't leave money on the table.



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