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    The Bots/Hacks/Farmers are GONE! (for now)

    Well , they must have put out the ban hammer. On my server azshara, pyrite ore was regularly under 60g a stack and elementium ore was always under 40g a stack...well no more...until the bot hacks figure out the latest patch.
    Pyrite ore ever got down to .99g each at one point.
    I stocked up and am now going through my stockpiles milling and prospecting.
    I am seeing cut inferno rubies go from 120g to 180g.

    Are you also seeing the bot farmer mats gone off your auction house?

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    Yup, I'm seeing much the same thing. Hardly any ore for sale and high prices for what is available. Cut Inferno Rubies were selling for 350g each last night, with orange gems going for over 100g and purples in the 50-100g range. I haven't seen those sorts of prices since shortly after 4.3 went live.

    Sadly my stocks are dwindling, so there's a limit to how much I can benefit from this.

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    It seems to be the case. Ore has doubled in price over the past week on my server. I'm still seeing large batches of ore on my realm, but by much fewer sellers (1-2 instead of 10-12) and at much higher prices (60-70g/stack for Elementium Ore instead of 30-40g). With the batches I'm still seeing, I'm thinking one of the botters is simply unloading his stockpile on a secondary account.

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    I doubt it. I dont see similar thing in herb market. And I occasionaly check ore prices and the price fluctuates. I am guessing it is sort of dependent on farmers dumping their stock on AH and/or some shuffler buying all the cheap ones for a while.

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    I don't see much sign of the botters getting banned on my realm. I bought ~500 stacks this morning for 30g-35g/stack. The herbs also seem as low as usual.

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    Ore has basically been non existent in any notable quantities on my server for the last 2 weeks. The herbs have been thinning out as well. Glad I bought like there was no

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    Elementium Ore is still sitting around 45-50g a stack on my server. Haven't seen any change yet, but it could still be coming if the Ban Hammer hasn't hit our server yet.

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    Still plenty of herbs available.

    It just seems more people are doing the shuffle now, hence there are simply -alot- less mats available.

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    There are exactly 59 individual cataclysm herbs on horde server side..
    There used to be thousands.

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    Horde side, about 350 stacks of elementium ore around 39-42g per stack. I just bought over 400 stacks of whiptail for 20g per stack. However, Alliance side the elementium ore has been anywhere from 60-100g per stack for the past couple of days. I'm still seeing queen's garnet stacks in Trade for 25-30k on Alliance, not sure about Horde. However, Horde side has a dearth of Guardian cubs for 999g each. Maybe Blizzard is sending out the ban hammer in small waves.



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