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    Glyph camper with high threshold

    First time poster, been lurking for a while. Started out shuffling into enchanting scrolls, but eventually got into mogging and glyphs to diversify. Our glyph market has only a few competitors, but one of them camps in the evenings. The catch is that he seems to have a pretty high threshold: around 80g.

    My question is simple, but I don't know how to set it up with TSM. I want to post a mass of glyphs at, say, 79g, but only the glyphs he has. If it's a glyph he doesn't know, I want to post with my regular undercut amount.

    Ex: I post 4 glyphs at 250g, and he undercuts by 1s every 15-20 minutes on Glyphs 1, 2, and 4. Since he doesn't know Glyph 3, I'm not worried about it, and I want to keep my price at the normal undercut amount. But for Glyphs 1, 2, and 4, I want to undercut him straight to 79g or so to go below his threshold.

    Is this possible with TSM, or is my only choice to just go with a regular wall?


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    I would think you'd have to make two profiles to do it the way you're describing, but I don't claim to be an expert with TSM.

    On the other hand, I am also ruthless. With a threshold of 79g, he's showing that he doesn't have much patience for glyphs if he's not making large sums of gold on each glyph. Rather than mess with 2 groups, I'd be inclined to post all of my glyphs under his threshold and maybe he'll go away completely after a little while *evil grin*
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    Blacklist him and place your threashold above his.
    This way, you won't post glyphs under, let's say 100g, unless he posted a glyph himself under 100g.

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    It could work, if you whitelist him first and post at your normal fallback. Now that you have posted every glyph he doesn't know at a normal price, blacklist him with a fallback of 79g and maximum price at 100%.
    I hope TSM doesn't undercut those glyphs of the first batch.
    Sorry for my bad spelling, but english is not my native language.



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