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    How much gold should I liquidate for MoP?

    Hey guys, coming towards the end of the expansion things I feel are beginning to die down in sales and items to flip atleast for me. I'm more cautious about the shuffle because prices keep dropping day by day so I'm just on the look out at the moment for transmog gear and items I can flip from the snatch lists used in TUJ notifications. I've been picking up a few items and not sure what do with them, try to sell them now or hold on to them?

    I've picked up items like a for 1000g
    2 for 4k each
    2 for 4k each
    for 85g, which I know is a completely different case on it's own (but if price doesn't reset ill just learn it)

    as you can see it's mainly pets or mounts I'm talkin about, but I think it's fair to stock up on other raw materials as well obviously just not sure what items are sure bets to rise in price and still remain in demand. I've got around 500k gold to play around with, how much of that should I try and spend to stock up on these type of items?

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    Looking back to previous xpac's, we know that gold will inflate. What you can sell for 10k in cata will be sellable for 15k+ in MoP. Pets will also have much higher demand due to pokemon. Crimson deathchargers are mass duped atm and are at their all time lowest, more than half of what they're usually are. Not only these items, but any pet / mount > wait till MoP.

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    General consensus from what I've heard seems to fall somewhere between the 1-2 million range. In MoP, you'll want to be the first to market in order to catch the better part of the inflation wave. Prices WILL settle after the initial rush has come and gone, but if you can get a leg up early on, you get to establish your position rather than reacting to everyone else.

    That's where I want to be, every single time.
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