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    Bots are back - what now?

    Hi, this is my first post. I'm a junior goblin with only 3 months experience (excluding time leveling to 85). I make, or rather used to make about 2-3k a day dealing in commodities. Generally I trade in raw materials, gems and enchanting stuff (525 jc, alch, ench).

    This was going pretty good until the bots came back and everything crashed. It's not that shuffling is no longer profitable. I'm no mathematician, but suppose the price of everything dropped by half, you would then have to do double the work to get the same amount of profits. Therefore my GPH goes down commensurately. I think my expected GPH is now 1.5k to 2k, which is after all not very much more than doing trogg farming or other forms of menial labour, and you have to be on the watch 24/7 for botted ore.

    Also, my sever is in the US top 5 for population. You name it, someone's doing it - almost all avenues have been exploited for gold to my knowledge. Xmog, funny pets from funny places, limited supply routes, cata greens, adamantite, draenite, ?? dusts, enchanting rods, blah blah. Actually I think it's still quite profitable if you deal in enough of them, and I can get around very fast with my mage alt.

    The problem is that I've TUJed the sellers, and big surprise, they're major AH campers. I'd be lucky to sell several of them a day. Let's just say I cannot afford spend one-third the time that they spend camping.

    Does anyone have any advice or secrets to share? Your help is appreciated.

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    have you looked cross faction?
    I am a bit crazy that I have 2 accounts, but if you have a good friend, you could move massive amounts of good cross faciton.
    there is incredible profits to be made as there will always be differences in faction prices, as most players are unable to move goods cross faction.
    Hvae you farmed Burning crusade mats? Primals, ore, etc...
    It seems to me most people leave BC asap, leaving a room for profitable items to sell.



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