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    What level to start shuffling?

    Hey Guys / Gals,

    How are we all? It's Friday... Wahoo

    I have a quick question to do with the magic ore shuffle I keep hearing about.

    What level JC do you need to get to, to start doing the shuffle?

    Thanks and have a profitable weekend.


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    For prospecting you need the following levels:
    - [Obsidium Ore]: 425
    - [Elementium Ore]: 475
    - Pyrite Ore: 500

    Once prospected you want to craft the jewelry which requires:
    - [Jasper Ring]: 425
    - [Alicite Pendant]: 435
    - [Hessonite Band]: 450
    - [Nightstone Choker]: 460

    If you want to include the [Carnelian Spikes], this will also be available at JC 460.

    But as shown above you will mainly only require hard work till 425, and the rest can then be leveled during the shuffle.

    Wish you a good start and a nice weekend as well!
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    Well you can start prospecting right is server and demand dependant how profitable it starts off..
    But we are this late in the expansion,,,max that JC, alchmist and enchants asap.

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    TBH I'd start from the very beginning. Part of my market is to keep low level gems stocked for leveling JCers. Use your prospected ore to level, and whatever you have left, sell for mats for other people. Once you get to the point where you can make jewelry and DE for dust and essences that sell for a higher price than the it. I do this starting at saronite. Adamantite level and below I've found mats to sell better. Hope that helps

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    Thanks guys, really helpful, one further question, I have a character at 525 for ench and tailoring (which i rarely use), my JC is at 400 on another character, should i dump tailoring in favour of alch?

    Now where's that beer!

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    I wouldn't, you can profit off spellthreads, and use mats from the shuffle to make bags (which will be in high demand at the beginning of MoP).

    I'd level another alch separately.



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