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    Mogging - Am I cheating myself?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and the AH business in general.

    I imported Faid and Keelhaul's mog shopping lists yesterday, and started buying gear. I set myself a budget of 15g per item (except for high-tier chest/legs which I'm willing to go up to maybe 30-50g).

    I made 2k in sales on my first night, which is both awesome (basically 10-20x my initial investment, and with about 75% stock left) and concerning. Horde on this server (Sargeras-US) is small, about 25k players according to realmpop. I figure I should keep my prices sort of low in comparison to other servers, but I'm worried I might be going too low.

    I automate my posting with TSM; I have a high tier group (600g), a mid tier group (450g), and a low tier group (200g). I'm worried that I might be cheating myself out of some gold. I tried getting into the mog business maybe two months ago, got a good deal on a Nightsky Robe, and posted it for 1.2k; it never sold over 2-3 weeks.

    Should I maybe consider raising my prices, or stay where I'm at?

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    You can always lower your price if something doesn't sell, but you can never raise your price if you sold something too low. So, yes, raise your prices.

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    Here is what i set my prices at:
    Intro ( Lowest Level ) - 750
    Low Level - 1250
    Mid Level - 2250
    High Level - 3750
    Extreme - 5500

    ... now it is up to you to decide which item goes where, but don't be afraid to puts items in the 1250 or 2250g bracket as well as you will find a lot of the sales come from people that don't care that much for the gold as they care for the appearance of their character, and if you are pricing your highest ones at 600 you are cheating yourself out of a very good piece of the profit

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    I just set the majority of my pricing based on TUJ-GE data (110% mean price) with the exception of Tier 1 items. I do this mostly for lazy / simplicity sake, but you can generally trust that the average price across servers is fairly representative of it's value / selling point.

    You should also consider upping your buying price point for Tier 1 items. I just recently flipped Glorious Legplates, buying for 500g and selling them for 30,000g. Some of these tier 1 items have serious value.

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    I would say that you are definitely missing out on sales. One of my competitors on my server blindly buys anything from Keelhaul's list under 200g and sells everything at 350g regardless. This is actually highly beneficial for me, as I can offload any pieces that don't sell well (bracers that aren't visible, mismatching helms and shoulders) knowing that they will buy them without even thinking about it. I guess it depends on whether you want to spend the time in looking for the top-selling pieces or just want to log on every now and follow my competitor's strategy.

    You have to be selective in your buying to make the most of the transmog market, just focus on a few pieces/sets that are both visually attractive and in short supply. Whilst Keelhaul's lists are great, and have been invaluable for many of us in getting into the mogging market, the tier structure won't work for all servers. For example, by far the best selling set I have been flipping is the Steadfast Mail set because it pops up far less frequently than the "top tier" mail sets which are sitting on the AH not selling as well.

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    There's an adage in sales: if you sell everything, your price is too low. If you sell nothing, your price is too high.

    Since you are in the middle (selling some, inventory left over) you may be in the sweet spot. Remember that AH sales are fluid--the price someone pays today may be very different than the price he pays tomorrow. Or next week.

    Raise your prices a little and see how the sales go. If you continue to sell, raise them a bit more. If not, lower them a bit. Keep your auctions on 12h cycles. Keep your bid price same as sale price to make sure you don't leave gold on the table.

    As more players display your mogg'd ware on the server you may find demand goes up. Your clients may help you advertise just by wearing the gear you supplied.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone.

    I raised my prices about 10-20% and didn't sell anything last night; I'll give it a few more days and then make a decision.

    I may try to flip some of the rarer pieces for more. I'm afraid my server's pop is probably too low to go so high, but we'll see. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinnuendo View Post
    I may try to flip some of the rarer pieces for more. I'm afraid my server's pop is probably too low to go so high, but we'll see. :P
    This could actually work in your favor, as a smaller population generally means there are less items coming onto the AH in the first place, making some of these hard-to-find pieces even harder to find. I'd say aim high initially, you never know who is out there just searching the AH every day for the last piece of their trasmog set!

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    hey stick with it

    i have been mogging with keelhauls list exclusively (no additions) and to start with it seems like it isnt going to work but if you stick with it, it definately will - i now do it on 4 servers and on each of those servers i have amassed over 500 units and 30k average on each of them (except my main server i have done 60k - leveled up some proffs with the money and bought stuff i wanted)

    some days you will sell nothing but others you will do upwards of 10k!

    once you start selling pick up everything from tier 9+ upto 100gold - you need to keep everything off the market otherwise the lowballer stuff will sell and you wont - i would steer clear of all helms (except bloodknight and tier 1 & 2) they dont sell for me

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    Looked around a bit on google, trying to find imports for these lists, but it always came up blank. Anyone know where I can find them?



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