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    New Sellable Mount - Heart of the Aspects

    FWIW: From this it looks like there is a new, sellable mount that is treated like a TCG mount. Not sure yet whether it is BOE or not since I haven't seen it.

    Blizzard Store

    After you purchase the Heart of the Aspects, you'll receive a code that can then be redeemed on any North American World of Warcraft license via Account Management. North American licenses include realms serving players in United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand. This mount code can be emailed to a friend as a gift, or -- if you would rather redeem the mount code yourself -- automatically filled in for you in Account Management.

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    The way I understand it you won't be able to turn this into a tradable item like a TCG loot card, though I suppose you could buy/sell the code. Just so you know, that is against ToS/likely a scam.

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    This doesn't apply to the TCG-mount-stuff. The HotA is not BoE and therefore it would be seen as "exchange of ingame gold for real-world currency". Other than the BoE pet from the Blizzard store.

    There has already been a bluepost on the german boards, where a user asked the same thing.
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    Yes, according to blue posts the only "codes" that are allowed to trade for in-game currency are the TCG mount codes. And this only applies to the codes you directly hand in to LAndro in Booty Bay- not the codes you have to enter on the BattleNet website.

    So the HotA is not tradeable. Unfortunately... I would have spent a few coins on it, since my alts would definitely look better on that than the Winged Guardian or Tyraels



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