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    How to make gold in a saturated overpopulated server?

    I am on Proudmoore US and am having trouble really getting anywhere above 16k gold. Being the 5th largest server, there are always, 24 hours a day, someone undercutting everything that's put on there. I Have all maxed level Enchanter, Miner, Blacksmith, Herbalist, Inscription, Alchemy and Jewelcrater. I try to sell those 1000g enchants, but someone always undercuts. Jewelcrafting red gems have gone down to about 230g. Any thoughts? My banker is tired of reposting over and over.

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    Since Love is in the Air just started i suggest you head on over to throne of tides and farm those bracelets before it gets fixed. The mount is selling for about 25k-30k on my server Alterac Mountains. It's an easy way to make a quick buck at the moment.

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    Have you tried competing in markets that are less competitive?

    The enchanting and jewel crafting markets are very competitive and I'd imagine even more so on such a busy server. To expect your competitors to sit by and give you the sales is wishful thinking.

    You really either have to get into markets with little or no competition or jump on the undercutting bandwagon.... or attempt to interrupt your entire servers supply chain (usually a foolish endeavor on big servers).

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    Zeddy maybe check out my video on items with spooky mats. I've never been on a big population server but one thing that can help is expanding what you are willing to craft. If you only craft the most popular items then you are going to get crushed because your competition is also doing that. TBH the video is more for advanced gold makers that are looking to find help unloading massive stockpiles but I think you will possibly get something out of this as well.

    Hyper Gold: Spooky Materials - YouTube
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    - You can add the heavy undercutters on your friendslist so you have a bit more reactionspeed. (do some raid? do some hit the hay early?)
    - Check their posting behaviour on the undermine Journal.
    - Try and have the "at-night-cheapest-post" or even the morning or afternoon (evening is so crowded with heavy traders)
    - Find markets which are less competitive. Niches, pets, "obscure" mats/goods which markets could even be controlled by you. (p.e. Primal Air, Transmog craftables (Cobra scales ftw))
    - Walling could be an option also.

    Hope to have been of some help. ^^

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    Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. I've been lurking on here for a little bit, enough to have an idea of what to do/not do. Unfortunately, my server is not only "full", it is also an unofficial Australian/PST server, with people on the East Coast. So there is never a time where someone isn't doing something I want to do as well. I miss my old "medium" populated server!

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    Yeah, I'm also on Proudmore (A). A lot of competition [even better, it's the place that Keelhaul does his transmog flipping], but still money to be made.



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