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Need a bit of advice

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    Need a bit of advice

    Good evening!

    Im a bit stuck in my gold-making at the moment, sitting at around 50k gold and not really being very active because I dont know where to start. To get where I am now i've been using my blacksmither to make belt buckles and enchanter/jc to shuffle. Its been rather slow and I want to get more in to it.
    Im playing on a high population server with alot of raiders so the possibilities is definetley there. I just migrated here so all i've got is one character with the professions alchemy and jewelcrafting at max. Nowadays I just shuffle but since I no longer have my enchanter I just make red gems and a few metas and thats it, leaving a big pile of green uncut gems left.

    What can I do to start making some gold?

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    Hey Pehysoh,

    More and more players are experiencing "the Shuffle Blues" like you. Diversifying is the keyword.

    I made a thread about it yesterday to try and adress this problem. Check it out, perhaps it maybe usefull.

    "the Shuffle Blues" - What else is out there

    Kind regards



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