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    How crazy is your server AH since 4.0.1

    Here is an update of the crazy prices I have noticed on my AH

    was 2kg, then 5x @ 20kg and just last night 10x @ 10kg to 20kg

    Update: So...I completely forgot there was a production floor spring (or rather Fall) cleanup was last Friday, thus the donuts. Probably need the sugar rush to get people off their comfy chairs! We had pizza after. (woot! double feeding). Wife worked all weekends so I had daddy day care duty so no forum troll until this morning.

    ZG Bijous - selling for 5g down from the 20g after the announcement that ZG will be gone. The 9 types of coins go for 50 silver or less so I don't know what to do with them. AH is full of both bijous and coins, i.e. market is flooded. Tried selling my stash (15k+ rep points worth) for 500g but not offers.

    Been buying up Black Tabby pets everytime I see one on the AH. Same goes for the cheap , , . and are to make . Not sure if this is a better way since sells for cheaper but are BOEs.
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    Hatchlings started to appear, 6-10k. Not a chance I'll be buying those because /who Zul shows me 20+ people in there at any given time. That tells me there will be a stockpile and unless I'm interested in going very long for single digit markets, no thanks.

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    Yeah, I noticed several between 10-20k the other day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenit View Post
    <Will add more to this post as management bough donuts in the break room. This is rare! Or is it a bribe for something we have to do later?>

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    I prefer this one

    At this point, I'm killing raptors on my pally as a Christmas gift for my little sis.

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    Just as I was reading this thread, one appeared on my server for about 12000. Spooky.

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    Hmm prices on my server for almost everything is currently fluctuating quite a bit (less so now than closer to 4.0.1). I believe this is because patch 4.0.1 brought a lot of inactive players back to the game or just caused players to become more active. Also those people who are regular farmers or gold makers (via simplest methods such as supply herbs and ore to the ah) took a bit of a break from farming to test out all the new talents and spells. Many people are also spending more time grinding BGs to buy their Wrathful items, something else relating to PVP that could have also contributed to this mayhem is that Arena Season is over so people have less things to do.

    Razzashi Hatchlings are still only about 3-4k on my server, they were at about 15k day after patch but people realized no one will buy them for that price at the moment, and the price has slowly come down since. People should be SAVING their hatchings until Cataclysm, not selling them now to try make a quick buck.

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    Some others on another forum were speculating that the Hatchling will be reintroduced to the game as a rare zone drop or drop off a rare spawn in STV. I have a couple in my bank and am trying to decide if I should sell them now in case they aren't gone forever or hang on to them and hope something like that doesn't happen. Thoughts?

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    hold on to it.... if they are gone forever you'll make tons of money, if they are world drops you could still get gold for them.

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    You can always hedge your bets too. They are going for over 7k on Windrunner right now. If that's the case on your server and you have several, you could sell one or two now and still save some for later.

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    As soon as this patch hit, the AH on my server went a bit nuts too. Before the patch, I was buying whole stacks of flasks for ~90g and after the patch hit I haven't seen them drop below 13g a piece. Same thing with Frost Lotus; they were at 3g a piece and now they're up to around 8-9g a piece. Cooking mats seem to have gotten hit the hardest so I've actually had to farm for fish feast mats instead of buy them.



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