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    Most traded items - cross faction

    I have made a lot of gold making bulk trades on Primordials. On my server they where 100-150G higher on Ally side, so by offering deals in trade I could make “contracts” to get 10-20 primordials for an Ally crafter. Log in to horde side, and simply buy them off the AH. Have often made 1000G profit trades with 10-20 min of work. Risk free (if you are not concidering the neutral AH moving a risk, which it really isn't with 2 account)

    All my lvl 80 toons are on Horde side, so I needed to move the accumulated Allyside gold back. I found that gems where 10-15% cheaper on Allyside, so I moved the Gold back in gems, making a little profit that way also.

    To day I’m finding it hard to find items where I can get a good profit.

    I want to make more arbitrage trading but, and have been looking for some number on which materials are the most sold on any given server. I have been looking at Abyss Crystals and other high level enchanting items, but they seem to be at almost the same price atm.

    What items are you crossfaction selling (my strategy is volume trading – have tried to move high level crafted materials, nobles decks ect. but they are selling to slow and binding 3-4000G in one item isn’t really an option this close to cata release.

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    You've probably already seen this already, but Sterling wrote a great post about some items.!



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