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    Transmog and you

    While after 4.3, every other rogue will be sporting Cursed Vision of Sargeras (thank God for no Glaives transmog) and everyone else will be decked out in old tier gear, some will be looking for less flashy options. There are also people who don't have the time to grind old instances or put together mini-raids for bosses they can't solo.

    Yesterday, someone posted a thread on the US General forum, asking people to show off their future transmog sets. As more of these threads start popping up, my guess is that even those who couldn't give a fig about the transmog feature may start getting interested, especially as some sets people put together look beyond awesome and bad-@ss, and include BoE pieces which don't require navigating old instances. This may come in particularly handy for folks who started playing in Wrath and never set foot in a BC heroic or raid (especially since until a while ago, BC heroics still required attunements). There may also be people who want to replace a particularly ugly piece, rather than an entire set.

    So here are some suggestions for making money off transmogrification:

    1. Visit your local AH and spend some time trying on gear, or search Wowhead for BoE green items per slot/armor class (e.g. cloth helms, uncommon, BoE, level required 60-70). These are some loose criteria for picking gear that you might be able to resell after the patch:


    Helms are important because the vast majority of us are hiding the God-ugly helms we have to wear for stats. While some will go for flashy stuff, like old tier helms, some may be happy with a simple circlet which goes with everything. Here are some suggestions:

    - anything that allows hair to show. Correction here: the hats I was thinking of tend to clip through my banker's hair for some reason. Could be a worgen problem.

    - crowns and circlets. Examples:

    - weird/funny. A good example would be Vindicator's Cap - Vindicator Cap - Item - World of Warcraft

    - "character" hats. Examples:

    I only did this for cloth helmets, but you can look up every armor type and see what comes up. I expect other popular choices to be knight helms, bezerker/horned helms, floating crowns, helms with crystals, etc.


    Again some loose criteria:

    - anything pretty/with an unusual design (i.e. robes that don't look like every other Northrend and Cataclysm piece). Some examples off the top of my head:

    For this category, I'd advise searching primarily Vanilla models. Some of them are really awesome, elaborate, and distinct from anything they've done ever since.

    - anything skanky - yep, especially for leather/mail/plate. Seek out all the plate bikinis, strappy tops, etc.

    - thematic - some people may want to look like Jaina, Sylvannas, Tyrande, etc., like a Dalaran mage, a Defias bandit, an Exodar vindicator, a blood elf magister, a Stormwind soldier, etc. Tracking down these pieces might take some time and research, but the advantage is that you can sell them as a set (might require barking or advertising on realm forums).


    A lot of us are saddled with ugly, huge wrestling belts. A simple solution would be buying some simple belts in various colors to resell later.


    Since I think a lot of casters will go with a pretty robe, I have a couple of suggestions here:

    • kilts in any armor type, for those who want to wear a tunic
    • bikinis, 'nuff said. Glorious Legplates are a good example -
    • pants with some cool decorations on the sides, perhaps.

    I haven't researched these personally, but I have to share a gem with you:

    Whitemend Pants - Whitemend Pants - Item - World of Warcraft - crafted BC pants. You can't see it in the Wowhead screenshots, but if you try them on on a female character, I'm pretty sure they are assless. Or maybe they just look assless on my characters. But yah


    Again, not something I researched personally because all boots look the same on hooves (especially under robes), but sandals may be in demand, as well as boots matching robes/pants you may have found. So if you stumble upon a nice robe or a smexy plate bikini, look up the boots with the same prefix.

    For anything skanky, bookmark this thread: This gal/dude did a hell of a lot of research on various sets for all armor types. If you have the patience to go through it, it's a gold-mine.

    2. Go through your crafters' spellbooks and see if you have any cool-looking items with affordable mat requirements. It could be something as simple as Imbued Netherweave Robe (Imbued Netherweave Robe - Item - World of Warcraft), Imbued Netherweave Tunic (Imbued Netherweave Tunic - Item - World of Warcraft), Soulcloth Vest (Soulcloth Vest - Item - World of Warcraft), Imperial Plate set, Jungle Sets, Black Mageweave and Cindercloth sets, etc.

    Blacksmiths can do the same with weapons and shields.

    I know that this guide is nowhere near complete, but hopefully it offers an idea of what to look for and where to look. If you think there might be a big market for transmog gear on your server, I would say start with Wowhead, make a list of prefixes you're interested in, and add them to your snatch list if you have room. You don't need to try reselling them for thousands if they're pretty common, but it's not a bad deal to pick up a few things for 2-5g a piece and resell them later for a couple of hundred or more.
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    Great writeup, +rep

    I find this website quite awesome, and I imagine will serve most people here well: WoW Roleplay Gear. It is the first website linked when you google "rp gear", so I imagine some people will find their way there quite easily.

    I also find this writeup quite useful for clothies: The Priest, Mage, and Warlock Guide to Transmogrification: An Illustrated List of Cloth Armor Sets. Lots of pictures there of BoE world drop sets, which is awesome.

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    Very insightful post, says I.

    [Bonechewer Skincloak] also seems to be a rather popular item on my realm. And it pops up on the AH quite often too. The entire set gives a sort Blood Elvish feeling, which seems quite nice.

    I have found myself checking the following website quite often, they provide some nice articles on roleplay gear;

    WoW Roleplay Gear

    DIT: ACK! Damn you Star, posting that website while I'm writing my reply.

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    Plus rep to Star as well for two awesome websites. The clothie one is amazingly comprehensive, although I'm a little miffed that they're showing a couple of sets I've been working on for myself Since they're not tier sets, I'm hoping that not everyone and their cat will know about them

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    Awesome post, I play on a RP realm and many people are talking about transmod as the next big thing. This info has been really helpful for me.

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    Great post! Funny thing I saw in there was my old favorite looking robes Silver-Thread. It's got a whole set with the same color/name scheme. I remember being sad when my priest leveled out of them in Vanilla lol.

    Edit: Nice mouse-over preview.
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    All these people posting items and sets they remember are great, but there are some really weird looking vanilla items out there and I've been gathering them for a while, already selling the cooler stuff to people stocking up for transmog. And its from another gold making tip I read either here or on one of your blogs so long ago, and its farming rares in blasted lands. I don't know their respawn time, but I run a random in the morning and one in the evening (roughly 12h apart) and in the avg 12 min queue time, I get 7-8 of the rare mobs up. No one else seems to do this on my server. So I always clean up. Most of the cooler looking stuff are the weapons (hanzo sword for my rogue's ninja costume) and weird pieces like blade of the titans.) But the loot goes in 3 seperate piles. 1. pieces with desirable stats in non heirloom slots for AHing, 2. Pieces with crap stats (hello cloth with str and spirit) that look bad for de/vendoring and 3. Wicked/unusual looking gear for barking in trade to transmog noobs. People have started sending me tells asking me if I have any unusal 2h for transmog. I'm not gouging as its all pretty easy to get, but I might start. 400g is starting to sound cheap for a boe vanilla blue.

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    The *only* way I plan to use Transmog (for now) is to change the appearance of the robes worn by my numerous Warlocks into a tunic, just so the full length of their (Guild) Tabards will be visible!

    (I have always disliked Blizz's Dev Dept's lazy solution of "shortening" the tabard for anyone wearing a robe/dress/kilt, instead of coding it correctly to be fully visible on such characters.)

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    Hi Guys, pretty new to the site, AWESOME resource :-)

    I have been perusing for a while now and I would like to know what you all think about the transmog market now, on my server EU Burning Legion it's not to bad tbh. BUT, it is really hit and miss, some amazing sales for gear that has never sold in the past, old staples not selling for weeks. I guess I would like to get the transmog chat moving again, it's been 2 whole years.........