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Thread: Glacial Bags

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    Glacial Bags

    I wanted to run something by you pros. I am seeing some fluctuation in price of glacial bags, 260-340. Since these items can only be made weekly there should be a limited supply. Would it be wise to snatch up the cheaper ones and resell near the higher end? I have two concerns, 1) the need for bag space will decrease as we get closer to cata 2) that if I dont sell my inventory in a weeks time then the cheaper stock will reappear.

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    I think you just about answered your own question. The closer we get to Cata, the more dangerous these become. Not saying don't try it, but don't throw too much money at it either. I'd only by 1-2 at a time, sell them, rinse and repeat.

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    I think this comes down to the server you are on. Bag space isn't considered important by the masses, which is why the 16 slot Netherweave sell so well. Just a tip, if you farm Insane, make Mooncloth bags from the contents of Knot's cache (Fel Cloth) as I tend to get a small premium on these since they are not bindable to the character. The Glacials however haven't been selling at all on my server. I've been making them religiously since July and they simply aren't selling, and I post them on Tuesdays and weekends, no luck here. It's not because I'm being undercut, either, I'm usually the cheapest. More often that not, they end up in one of my alt's bank slots.

    I think this comes down to people playing alts that they don't really care to sink too much gold in, just sink enough gold into them to get into the ICC runs. When you compare a 20 slot Frostweave Bag that's priced between 20g-50g, those 2 extra spaces lose their luster when you add 100g per bag slot for the next level.

    Another thing to consider is that people are also of the belief that we will see a 22 slot green bag out of tailoring and a 24 slot blue bag and they could be holding out waiting for that. Last I heard, and I haven't kept up with tailoring announcements too much, GC stated quite plainly that 24 was going to be the cap. I hope that remains to be true, since all of my characters have all Portable holes in their main bag space and some in their banks.

    But TL;DR, I wouldn't flip these things, I'd flip glyphs at this point.

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    Add in the cheaper Abyssal Bag and the Glacial Bag market is tanking fast. I think the reason you see any Glacial bags on the market at all is that its a guaranteed skillup for tailoring past 445.



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