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    Question How do you keep track of glyphs on bank char and Inscriptor?


    Maybe this is an easy to solve problem and I just don't know the solution.
    I have an inscriptor which is not my bank char, so my stuff will get send easily between those two. This means that my bank char will have half of his bag full with glyphs, that i post with TSM. I have only 1-4 of the same glyph on my bank char and they sell different fast.

    How do you keep track of what has been sold and should be restocked to tell your inscriptor to create new glyphs of only this type?

    Is this already possible with an existing addon (auctioneer, auctionator, tsm, usw.) or do you do it by a list, excel or another solution?

    Thanks a lot

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    I think using Gatherer along with TSM would solve this problem (altho I don't have expierence with it, as I tend to just post my glyphs with my scribe )

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    Have you read:

    A more low tech solution would be to install Altoholic, which is an addon that keeps track of your inventory cross your toons, banks (and guildbanks).

    I have 5 dedicated banktoons (3 of which only handle glyphs) + banks + a 4-5 tab guildbank on each of them, so in total I have more then 3000 slots. Altoholic is great as it not only counts up and shows you the total number you have of an item cross your toons, it also tells you where it its, and let you search your inventory.

    Sometimes when I restock glyphs I just fill my bags with ink and places my inscriptor at the vendor (to trade ink and buy parchement). I then hold the mouse over the glyphs in the professionwindow, and Altoholic tells me how many I have of the glyphs – If I need to restock (inventory 0 or low) I craft the glyph and move on to the next one. (Last time i did a complete restocking of all glyphs i went throgh almost 3000 inks, so you need some trips to and from the mailbox aswell).
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    Thanks a lot

    I stopped using altoholic, because I got a lot of errors, but will try it again, because it will fit my need (just have to update it again).

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    I've got a couple routes I take to manage my glyphs.

    On a daily basis, I use mysales to determine what glyphs have sold in the past 24 hours. I then usually just make more of those. once a week, I do a little work in MS Access and use theunderminejournal for my current posts, and I check from my total list of glyphs what is missing and make more of those.

    I don't make hundreds of glyphs, but rather cut them as needed. I'm a multi boxer so it's slightly easier then trying to move things between banks.

    I sell maybe 5K worth of glyphs a day and it seems to work, but I'd like to make it faster still. It's time consuming to make the glyphs although if I keep up with it it's not too bad.

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    I don't care to put much effort into glyphs. I view them as a way to rid myself of Blackfallow ink.

    I use TSM. I have an alt who acts as the storefront for my scribe. The alt holds and sells all the glyphs. All glyphs are set up in a single TSM group that will post a maximum of 2 of each with a 1c undercut and a fairly high threshhold.

    I also use TSM to figure out what to craft. There, I have TSM crafting set up to only make glyphs that have the profit margin I'm looking for, and to restock to 4. (I don't do a lot of glyph business...) I also have TSM configured to not do any trinkets or relics or whatever else scribes can do. Just glyphs. I'll craft the other things manually.

    I do a full AH scan in TSM then smash the Restock Queue button. I look over the result to make sure I'm happy with it. Then I go convert Blackfallow inks and make sure I have enough paper. Then I craft 'em up and mail 'em to my seller.

    I cancel-repost 2-3 times per day on my seller. I do the restock scan and manufacturing 2-3 times per week or more frequently if I find my seller getting low.

    The trick to this is that TSM, when configured correctly and the planets are perfectly aligned, knows:

    1) how many of each glyph I have for sale
    2) how many of each glyph I have in inventory
    3) how much each glyph will sell for
    4) how much each glyph will cost to produce

    That Restock Queue button just does all that math for me.
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    I still use Altoholic and KTQ with Gnomeworks. About once a week I press a button with the KTQ macro to queue up a restock list of any glyphs that are running low.

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    TSM and Altoholic should really do the trick.

    TSM will look for glyphs on any toons you tell it to and also guildbanks and in the AH, and only craft to restock taking into account any glyphs you have in these places. It has trouble seeing things in the mail though so take them out.

    Altoholic makes it easy to see how many you have and where on mouseover.

    Hope this helps, good luck.
    Time is money, friend!

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    Just a short feedback.

    I now use Altoholic and TSM and it works like a charm. Thanks for helping.

    Still getting addon errors from altoholic, but as long as it is working, I don't mind.

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    I use TSM. I don't horde premade glyphs and use the auction house to store all glyphs. I keep ~2-4000 blackfallow ink around and just trade inks at Jessica Sellers for the glyphs I need to restock on which lets me be more versatile in what I can do with my inks. My scribe has all the ink in his bank and my seller posts all of them.



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