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    TSM Auto Posting problems

    Hello everyone,
    im trying to compete in the Glyph Market since i found this market. :-p
    But i got a little Problem with the Addon called TSM and the auto auction posting.

    It undercuts everyone by 1Chopper for the first ~3-4 Auctions and after that it doesnt seem to work anymore as seen in the following Screenshot (I hope it is no Problem that the Screenshot is in german)
    As seen it tries to sell the Glyph Feint for 4Gold instead for ~64Gold like the others.

    I hope someone can help me since posting so much Glyphs manually is a pain in the a**. :-p

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    My question would be:
    -What's your reset method? This decides what to do if an item has been posted below your threshold (Preisschwelle)
    --> in the _auctioning module when looking at the 'Kategorie-Überschreibungen' at the bottom of the page

    EDIT: Or in general:
    Tell us smth about your settings:
    -did you create a group for each and every glyph?
    -what's your threshold (Preisschwelle)?
    -what's your fallback (Rückkehrpreis)?
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    Hi again Trax,
    all these options are pretty much standard.

    The treshhold is set to 1g
    And my fallback is set to 30g
    And no i created 1 Profile for all the Glyphs i got.

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    1g threshold? Anyway. What is your Advanced Price Settings (Market Reset) set to (if you have advanced options enabled)? You can find it under Auctioning's options.

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    Yeah i know i should put it a bit higher but at the moment im still testing everything out. :-)

    And no the Advanced Options are NOT enabled.

    Mostly because i dont know how to enable them. :-p

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    The fallback is the most you think you can reasonably sell an item for. If your fallback is set to 30g, it's not going to undercut the 64g auction because it thinks that is way overpriced (based on your fallback). So, make your fallback higher.

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    My question would be whether the glyph is in the group or not. I used to grab 2 or 3 glyph mastery books at a time and forget to add the new glyphs to the group until I saw them just sitting there?
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