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    Learning the AH and my server

    Let me start with I"m very new to the Consortium, and only been playing WoW for about 7-8 months...this is my first MMORPG.

    I am on a medium pop server, I have one level 8x, a few middlin' 60's. On my 8x I have maxed JC and slowly going through the dailies to get new cuts, alchemy transmute is also maxed out, but have not yet found a good profit center for him other than producing gems. I'm working on that...

    He's my main producer of goods...

    My question is on cutting, and undercutting...seems to be a series of cutters on my AH and I don't know if this is common to all servers or not. Be it minutes or hours, I'm likely going to be chopped off at the knees. Now how I deal with this is three fold.

    1 - I am lucky enough to have a job where I can check my Remote AH on a regular basis. I keep an eye on my more expensive fast moving products through a bank alt and I keep about 20 of each item stocked up so I can just cut and cut again if I have to.

    2 - I keep a running idea on my top 20 products on floor prices that I'll just wait out for them to open back up. If they don't, I'll either store them in my alt's guild bank or just liquidate and move somewhere else.

    2 - I tend to post one last hurrah of goods late in the night before I go to sleep.

    3 - Look for odd ball goods I can stick up on the AH where I have little competition, but also very slow sales...maybe 1-2 a day.

    With that being said, any additional tactics or items I should be on the look out for? I have taken about 400g to 10k over the last three-four weeks, and recently invested about 5k of that into new recipes for my JC on Shadow Diamonds. Recently I mean as of this AM, and have sold approx 1/3 of the cost of the recipes.

    I'm just looking for a way to take it to the next level, and I'm thinking that may just be leveling a few more char's up...just don't know which market I want to tackle next.

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    1. Do you have TSM? Always helpful for anyone, takes a little time setting up, but will save you hours.

    2. Alchemy, make sure to transmute living elements every day in Uldum. Alchemists doing this is the main source of the supply of volatile airs. You can consider switching to do the transmute in hyjal for fires once 4.2 releases, as they will be in high demand. However, since many people will switch to transmuting fires, the supply of air will go down, and prices will raise. Also some flasks or potions can be profitable, keep an eye on the alchemy page of TUJ ( for your server to see where you can squeeze out some extra profit.

    3. As to posting, make sure you have posts up before the main raid time of your server, and that you stay the lowest. You'll also want to focus on the time when raids tend to end in the same way. People going into raids will buy what they need to be prepared beforehand, and potentially buy gems afterward to fill their new gear.

    4. If you are going to level a new character, enchanting can be very profitable, and it can be leveled relatively cheaply when paired with BS/LW/Tailoring. Inscription is a very easy market to break into, it can also be full of fierce competition because of that.

    5. Keep your eyes on here and the blogs for new trends, analyze and jump on the quickly.

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    Thank you for your post.

    1 - I am trying to learn TSM...I just haven't had time to sit down and figure it all out. Hopefully one of these weekends I will have more free time and I can put some good brain power to it.

    2 - Alchemy, I have indeed started doing a few transmutes...this one has escaped me and I will fix that after maintenance today...and see how it goes. Thank you...I dearly love TUJ and I hope more people will support them. I have been putting a few potions up and not doing too bad with the few I have identified as moving on my server.

    3 - Raid times, as I said, I'm that would lead me to do I figure out when the Raid's are kicking off? I have not a clue on this one.

    4 - I have a 68 who has Enchanting and Tailoring maxed at 450...I had a small NW Bag factory going but have passed this market on to my fiancee to see if she will do anything with it. Long story, but it's easier for me to give up NW bags and a few other markets than to give up the ole slap and tickle if ya know what I mean.

    5 - I just found here...*laugh*...but yes I am keeping an eye on several blogs.

    I hope my time here is very profitable...*grin*

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    Regarding Enchanting and Tailoring: look into Abyssal Shatter. If you have the free time, pick up Void Shatter from rep out at the Isle of Quel'Danis (port is in Shat). Start looking into some popular enchants and don't be afraid of a little bit of rep or mob grinding to get them.

    Outside of NW bags, if you can get the rep, pick up the patterns for both the Abyssal Bag and Glacial Bag. With the cooldown removed for Wrath cloths, you can snipe low priced Frostweave and make the bags for relatively cheap. Often, I can strategically buy to make Abyssal Bags for less than the cost to make Embersilk Bags -- and both have the same number of slots. Also make sure you're doing your Dreamcloth cooldown, as it should see a price increase in 4.2 (although I suggest trying to sell some now to get an idea of how the market works). You can also make some nice money from Herbalism bags, again if you're willing to do some rep grinding.

    If you can get a miner set up in the 450+ range, smelting at all levels is worth it.
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    Re: Raiding - note that this advice is coming from a casual raider.

    The best way to see when the raids are going on is to keep an eye on Trade chat/LFG (guild) chat. See when guilds are recruiting, they often put their raiding time in the recruiting macro. You can check and see your realm, see what guilds have the most postings, take an average of the date/time they start - you can see the dates easily via the calendar display and clicking on the attempts on that night will show you the times of their encounters.

    But as a general rule, depending on your timezone of course, is that "big" raiding times are Tuesday evenings - after reset, so people are jumping on raids early in the week, usually around 7-10 pm - and then it can be a toss up for the bigger nights of Thurs-Sunday.

    You can also see who the big potion/flask sellers are on your server, and check out their name on TUJ - check the heat map to see when they make most of their sales. That may be a good indication. [If there are any heavy duty cooked food sellers on your realm, they may also be an indication, people running out and grabbing food/flasks before a raid.]

    Hope this helps!

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    If you want some help setting up TSM, Sinshroud made an excellent guide that is posted here.

    The main raid times you're going to want to look at are the scheduled ones by the raiding guilds on your server, the easiest way is to look here, and for each alliance guild, attempt to locate their website, there is usually a link on wowprogress, but google can also help here. Once on their site, it should be easy to find the times. Alternatively, you could just /who the guilds and ask someone in each what their raiding times are. The key to this is that raiding guild often require people to have buffs, where as PUG raids may not.

    I would get your 68 those last 7 levels, it's all Northrend content from there on out, so it shouldn't be too difficult, and it will open both those professions up to the full scale of cata crafts.

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    OH thank y'all...

    The Raid info is very helpful.

    Looks like I need to put some IT skills to use and start up some spreadsheets...and do a bit more research.

    From Sunday night through Monday night I sold my biggest day, about 4k in sales, making back up all but 2 of the investments I made into some meta gem recipes and an elementium shuffle. I know for many that's not big deal, but I'm excited, and looking to make my next goal of 5k in a day

    Thank y'all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugsley View Post
    Outside of NW bags, if you can get the rep, pick up the patterns for both the Abyssal Bag and Glacial Bag. With the cooldown removed for Wrath cloths, you can snipe low priced Frostweave and make the bags for relatively cheap.
    Glacial Bag still has the 7 day cool-down AFAIK (crafted two in the last two weeks). Abyssal Bag doesn't have a cool-down since it was originally a soul shard bag. I've had more luck buying Imbued Frostweave/Ebonshroud/Moonshroud/Spellweave at below mat cost, as the raw cloth isn't very plentiful on my server. Don't forget about leg enchants through tailoring also. How are Illusion Dust/Greater Eternal Essence prices on your server? Can turn Wizardweave Turbans into them if Runecloth/Dream Dust/Star Rubies can be found cheaply.

    On the JC angle, how are the WOTLK gem markets on your server? I regularly sell WOTLK rare gem cuts for 40-60g ea, and epic cuts for 90-150g, for some decent residual income. What's your shuffle look like, are you transmuting everything into metas? What about disenchantin) the jewelry for Hypnotic Dust/Celestial Essences?
    Posting on raid nights can be insane GPH if you can baby sit your auctions, for cata era rare gems. Check prices for intermediary steps: I can buy carnelians off the AH and transmute them into inferno rubies for a near 100% ROI during those nights where I can't keep rubies in stock.
    Check out for gem cuts, and get the popular ones if you don't have them already.

    As for enchanting, don't neglect that either. Some of those older recipes sell decently well



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