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    Nice Gold maker-Wotlk/Cata

    Hi guys.

    Stumbled across this site while doing abit of research into TSM and im glad i found it.

    You guys have Probably seen this one before but after doing a search on the site it came back with no results.

    Ok the JP cap is 4k and with this 4k you can buy some half decent low profit Cata Mats

    on my server your 4k can get you 40 that sells for 80-85g.

    But if you head over to Dalaran you can Spend your 4k JP on 18 and craft which on my server have been selling for 250g to 350 each.


    18x250= 4500G
    18x350= 6300G

    The reason these gems are selling so well is mainly due to the pvp sets with lots of gem slots going for so cheap and the fact that people can't equip the Cata Gems.

    Sorry if this is a re-post and sorry if this isnt the place for this thread guys.

    Thanks for Reading and have a nice day.


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    That is impressively high for those gems. I proabably couldn't get more than 100g each for those.
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    It's still a nice tip if you looking to squeeze out an extra small amount of gold from your extra JPs.

    I know there is a huge amount of level 70 twinks on my realm that gobble these WOTLK gems up so quickly.
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    Really? This is interesting. I need to check out to see if WOTLK gems are moving on my realm. Are other people seeing similar scenarios?

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    Good tip! Now I know why my WoTLK gems have been saleing so well. I started clearing out my guild bank of old mats and was surprised when kings ambers and Dreadstones were being bought for such high prices. Time for me to go back and look at what cut gems are going for.

    Thanks again!
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    I sell Wrath epic gems like hotcakes, and I have my friends who are JP capped go to Dal to "farm" me raws.

    They don't quite fetch what the OP is getting tho, depending on the cut and the day I get between 125-175 per. Which still ain't bad, and they MOVE!

    I don't think I quite understand the rationale for them selling though. What does "the pvp sets with lots of gem slots going for so cheap and the fact that people can't equip the Cata Gems" mean? Are you talking about the Cataclysm PvP sets? Are they less than ilvl 300 or something?

    Anyhow, whatever the reason, this is one of my most lucrative markets.

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    I think he was referring to the BC/WOTLK PvP sets that can't take Cataclysm gems.

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    Yeah, every time i see someone asking about how many herbs you get in the bag from the jp vendor, i tell them that you get 20 random cata herbs, then tell them they should come to dalaran and sell me epic gems. I pay 50g @ and easily dbl my money. I love dalaran. So much gold to be made up there. I have made a ton of gold on wrath meta, prismatic and epic gems, hell i even sell my rare wrath gems for 40g ea, cant keep the scarlet ruby in stock

    See you in dalaran

    PS. I dont just sell these gem's, i use them too. if im lvling up a toon and come across a pc of gear with 2 or 3 gems slot in it ill buy it and throw epic gems in it. For two reasons, i dont realy like lvling, and it makes it much faster, plus when im lvling i run bg's alot, and if your at lvl 64 and have say 7 or 8 epic gems you can just about one shot most ppl. And if you have a lvl 70 arena team, and want a strong edge you will find gear sets with lots of sockets and fill them with epic wrath gems.
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    I honestly havent thought about wotlk epics in months... If youre having luck with them, I will take a look at them this evening and see how the market looks on my server.

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    I've been selling wrath gems for about a month or two now, and it seems that is one of the better sellers. I don't really see a difference between pvp cuts and pve cuts, the only exception is .

    As someone else said the wrath metas are worth looking into.

    I would like to note that a few blue quality cuts are worth selling also, , , , , and . They all sell for 30g+ on my server.
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