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    Cool Curses from competitors

    Do you often get those?

    Recently I have been doing a decent amount of AH activities, so started getting some whispers and some of them are curses.

    It's a little funny, one guy feels really strongly it looks like - he first boasted that he earns 50k a day, then he said he has 3 million gold, just today he was angry at me when I got up early (I went to bed around 1 and got up around 7:30 or so). He was saying that I am unemployed and that sort of things.

    For me it was funny, I play AH for fun, it's like a game within game. And angry mails usually mean that I take away someones business which I consider a good thing for me And I have decent amount of gold (~240k) so I don't really care what people say.

    Do you get posts from competition? What sort of posts, are some of them angry, anything funny maybe?

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    I got a few from a glyph competitor way back in the day. He is not longer in that market.

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    I did get some angry letters in the past. Now only get an 'I hate you' or something similar every once in a while from an angry competitor. And ofc there is that fellow still active in the glyph market who says all 'funny' things but that one I'm ignoring as he makes no sense whatsoever

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    Last time I got any hate, it was in the form of verbally abusive whispers, back during WotLK. I've seen my name cussed out a time or two in trade chat since then, but really, most people seem to let their addons handle everything so they're not even aware of who their real competition is any more.

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    I got one demand letter recently ("stop posting gems"), but my last hate mails were way back before Glyphmas. One was complaining that my high glyph prices were too high and my undercuts were too low, the other was a faction transfer that was going to run me out of business. Neither of them post anymore.

    The most recent one demanding I leave the gem market is going to be in for a rough ride. I purchased the rest of his gem patterns, then started carpet bombing his auctions in his other market. I never respond to whispers; I just put them on ignore and run a scan on the AH to see what markets I need to get into.
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    I am hoping to get my first whisper / mail. For me its a great achievement to be viewed as such a threat to other players that they get emotional about what you're doing. Well done.

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    I prefer to make gold like a ninja. The less friend lists I make it on, and the less my toons get looked up on TUJ the better. If I'm getting too much heat I change AH toons for a while. Some of my bankers are disposable... some of them just hideout

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    Getting angry tells just makes it into a game for me; markets I didn't used to care that much about suddenly become the focus of my attention just to spite the other player since clearly they're easy to rile up. xD

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    In TBC and into Cata I was one of the most prolific JC's on our server. As time went on there was some competition but it was mostly good natured and was before things like ZA or QA were used so we'd only relist once or twice a day and still make nice profits.

    All was well.

    Then this 'Acca' guy came along and started posting large amounts of gems undercutting us all with alarming speed and the start of the JC undercutting wars began.

    After a week or so I started getting whispers,"Get out JC. you come a miner. I will press your price. you will make nothing." and "I told u make nothing. roll miner and you will make money. nothing in JC." - and so on.

    This went on for weeks and some of his insults were borderline offensive, "you family retarded. i hope you die in a fire..." so I had to report them as harrasment... which came to nothing. Nice one Blizz.

    After speaking to some of my more civilised competition he'd been doing the same to them. We're figured he was probably from Russia and this guy had a dreadful temper.

    Surprisingly after a long war (where I discovered QA) he finally realised that I had deeper pockets than he did and was willing to undercut him below his best price so we agreed to add eachother to our whitelists, as did a few of the other competition.

    He'd still fly off the handle if he thought for whatever reason I was trying to stiff him.

    After a botting ban wave mid last year he disappeared for good.



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