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Thread: My Freind Frozo

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    My Freind Frozo

    I have been making money on this for awhile now, and with the servers being down i used TUJ to look up prices on some other servers to be sure that this is a universal tip, i checked blackrock, onyxia, grizzly hills and wildhammer.

    So here it is. , they sell for between 5-10g @ on my server. I had a stockpile of them from wrath and i buy em up under 10g. Now i trade in the orbs and get , , grab some of my uncommon wrath gems and transmute and . on every server but grizzly hills this would dbl the value of the raw mats at the least, but even on grizzly hills once they were cut there was a 2X profit (grizzly hills had frozen orbs at 10g ea, on sunday, but the few that are up are on for 40g, i would guess prices will be back down). For me on my server its 5g for the orbs and around 3g for the 2 uncommon gems. Once i transmute and cut my metas i sell them from 50g to 200g ea (cut). on i have zero competiton and move about 4 or 5 a week, at 200g ea !, not bad ROI for a 8g investment, im also transmute spec , so realy its cheaper

    Now thats not all, if are more than 5g ea on my server i can just trade in a 5g orb, shatter it and im off to the neo-saronite shuffle. I dont prospect saronite i just pick up , .. ect. (about 1.5g ea) on the ah, craft the rings and d/e for and at less than 3g per ring its a huge win, even more if i make scrolls (well my twin brother makes scrolls, i dont have enchanting and with him in a lvl 23 guild i get my bountiful bags procs .

    Thats the two things i do with orbs, i love it but it feels like im in a episode of "the twilight zone" I can make gold doiing it, but i have to wonder why isnt evryone else doing it too? I can go to TUJ and find 's cheaper than on most servers. Am i the only one who remembers how much of a buzz our freind frozo stired up when he flew in to azeroth on that frosty carpet? I remember everyone saying that eternals would never be worth more than a . Well they shouldnt be, but we have neglected our freind frozo, lets show him some love and visit him everytime eternal prices spike, he will return the favor, when you are posting or for prices you competitors can only dream about.

    see you in dalaran
    PS. sorry for the spelling and grammer i am dyslexic
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    I made ~1500g pure profit on the Frozen-Orb-Vendor-Bonanza last week. Its nice to get a little extra gold to splash around in my swimmingpool.
    Every friday I post some statistics on what/how much I've sold the last week; MySales Weekly Statistics
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    The reason you may be seeing low prices on a lot of servers for Frozen Orbs is simply the fact very few people are doing it. The ones that are like me are perfectly comfortable waiting for the price to go under vendor cost before snatching them up. This happens a couple times a week and is actually quite usefull for creating titansteel bars which I use to make choppers.

    It is a very good tip though and personally I think frozen orbs should be on everyones snatch list at this point. Especially when you look at the price of eternal fires on a lot of servers.
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