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    Using Subcontractors

    Hi All

    I've been considering starting to move some of the menial tasks of my operation to other people and I'm looking for advice.

    I have maxxed all professions with the exception of skinning and I am currently using them all to make gold, but as I sure you all know I spend a lot of time: milling, prospecting, smelting, making bolts, upgrading leather, making jewery, DE'ing etc etc. I am hoping that by contracting out some of these time consuming jobs I can increase my GPH. I think there are people out there willing to do these things... I even had someone message me today wanting to make my glyphs for me... lol

    The problem is, I have no idea how to work something like this.

    Are any of you currently contracting out some of your work? What payment methods are you using and how much do you pay your contractors? How do you find people willing to do the work that you can trust with your materials and/or gold?

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    I have been sub contracting out DEing for years now. Paying around 600g per hour or 10% of the total mats if they would prefer (which seems to be around 600g anyway) There have only been one or two that I have trusted enough to mail them the items. I usually just join the group with the person DEing, load him up with 70-80 items and then go about my AH business until he is ready for the next batch of items.

    I have often used people to spam trade for me if I have more high end items to sell than I want to spam myself and I have also often left other bankers with some gold to purchase me bulk things whilst I am doing Bgs, going offline etc. Sub contracting stuff is great if you dont have the time to do it all alone. As for pricing, that is something you need to work out with each individual. Lots of people however do seem to hang out in Org or SW for 30mins+ before they go and raid or w/e and to them being paid to do menial tasks seems like a great deal as otherwise they would just be standing around doing nothing.

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    I would only do this with someone I really trusted.

    I currently contract out my milling to my g/f, and pay her 5g per stack of herbs. I've been considering powerleveling a JC for her so I could do the same with prospecting. xD
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    Thanks for the quick responses. I think the idea of paying 5g per stack of herbs or ore sounds reasonable...
    But when I crunch the numbers it seems like I would be paying quite a bit per hour. Prospecting: 2 second cast (8 seconds per stack) with 3600 seconds in an hour it comes out to a potential 450 stacks in an hour or 2250g. And with milling only having a 1 second cast time its pretty much twice as expensive. Of course this is not factoring in overhead of unloading and loading the mailbox.

    If I could ensure that the hour I saved was put to good use and earned me more than 2250g to 4500g, then it would be worth it... I think.

    Or maybe I could pay less than 5g if I presented it differently. Instead of offering 5g per stack, I could offer them 1000g per hour... and them whip them like mules to ensure productivity :P Someone who was working at max efficiency could end up costing me just 2.22g per stack of ore.

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    Rather than subcontracting, I try to use my time most effeciently. In processing uncommons for example, If I plan to make jewelry or carnelian spikes to DE, I make those first and send them to my DEer (second account). Then I DE those items on my disenchanter while at the same time cutting the alicite (or whatever other gems i'm vendoring) on my JCer, pausing every few minutes to empty my bags. I think that, as you noted, subcontracting would cut into my profit margins too much to be a worthwhile investment.

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    Nice topic! Prospecting is one of those things I hate the most. Would be nice if I could find someone who can do it for me for a bit of gold. Ill give it some thought and see if I can work out a deal with someone which is profitable for the both of us Milling is something I don't do often as I do have a deal with someone who just sends me the inks and I pay cod. When I see some cheap herbs up I buy and process ofc but most of it comes from this guy. Saves a lot of time as glyphing can be done on my 1st accound whilst AH'ing on my 2nd. Same for gemcutting, tailoring etc.
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    I usually do alot of the 'legwork' in ques on my alts and during the dungeons themselves, the daily VP/JP will become more valuable in 4.1. Not to mention my crafters are still levelling and the first dungeon of the day nets me a cool 100ish gold in pure cash.

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    As already mentioned i would tend to look for a friend to do this for you for a couple of reasons.
    1) You can trust them not to scam you (hopefully).
    2) Your helping them out by giving them an easy way to make gold.
    3) As you know them you can negotiate with them better than a random person and you can play on the way your helping them making easy gold to pay less.
    4) As you can trust them you actually get better value for money as you don't have to take time to babysit them.

    I would usually say that negotiating a per stack price is best as that encourages them to work harder as they only get paid for the work they actually do rather than paying them by the hour which will really involve you monitoring them to ensure maximum productivity. This also allows them to work at their own pace and helps to prevent any conflict with you trying to push them to work harder.

    Having said that you can still negotiate a per hour price as that often looks more attractive to your employee, simply work out how much you are going to pay an hour then divide that by how many stacks they can process in an hour and that will give a price per stack. You can then word your payment offer something like "I will pay X per stack you process which means you will get Y per hour of work you do".

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    Or you can make a deal to let them keep all of the rare quality yellow and/or green gems that come out of the prospecting. I think that this could be good bang for the buck depending on server (for you) and you dont have to get rid of all of those pesky gems.

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    @ExtremeEagle Hmm... I could do something similiar. I could likely get away with paying my GF in fortune cookies!

    @TheFluffyRocker Great point. I wouldn't want to waste all my saved time from outsourcing by having to babysit their productivity. As you suggest I could pay by the stack and sell the idea to them by the hour.

    @Darraxus, I really like the idea of paying people in creative ways. It occurred to me that I could even offer to provide all the materials to powerlevel someones JC or inscription for the return of lifetime milling and prospecting services... lol But they would likely get worn out fast without continued incentive.

    I think the biggest challenge in this is going to be finding people that I can trust, that have the proper professions. In my perfect world I would create a 6 tab guild and invite a farmer or two who put in ore and herbs and take out money, and millers and prospectors that take out raw materials and money and put back processed materials in different tabs. I would simply remove my inks and gems, and put more money in the bank. This would require a lot of trust, but a goblin can dream right? >_<
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