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    Formula: Enchant boots - cat's swiftness. Learn or sell?

    I just bought up this recipe for a cool 125g. Now I'm trying to decide if I should learn it and sell the scrolls, or sell the formula. The scrolls cost around 450g each in mat costs on my server so I'd want to be able to sell each scroll for at least 650g and sell one every day or so. The thing is that TUJ has very few data points on scrolls so I don't know how popular they'll be. On the other hand it appears I could sell the recipe for 3k - 5k.

    What do you guys think?

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    If it were me, I'd sell the formula. I don't see the scrolls selling all that quickly. 650g is a heftier price to pay for an average enchant. I would see being a better enchant to sell as a scroll, as the mats are cheaper, allowing you to sell a scroll for a lower price.

    I actually have a Boar's Speed formula up on the AH. I didn't bother learning it to sell the scrolls. I don't see it being worthwhile to sell on my server. Would rather just sell the Formula, snag the profit and move on.

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    The scrolls hardly sell. I sold 3 in a week a few months ago, got excited and learned Boar's Speed as well. I've only sold 2 of those to date. Sell the recipe.
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    Thanks for the replies!



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