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    Trouble Pricing Extinct Bracers

    Found a couple of BOE bracers in one of my banks from the scourge invasion a couple of years ago. Undermine doesn't have enough information on them to help me price them.

    I have had a lot of success selling extinct recipes... but no experience with gear atm. What do you all think, start at OMG high and let them hang out for a month on the AH? Not like I'll have much competition.


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    I think these are going to be a tough sell. Recipes still carry value for completionists. In this case, this is simply leveling gear. If it was something needed for a tier set or something, perhaps you could command some value, but I don't know that you're going to get much more than you would for any other BOE blue at that level.

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    Thanks for the quick response. Too bad it's almost impossible to complete the set now... lol.

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    Personally i don't see this as being much past vendor trash these days for four main reasons.

    1) The stats on them are basically rubbish apart from if you are fighting undead, so extremely specific in their usefulness.
    2) Anyone who was interested in completing the set(s) would very likely have done so while the BoP parts were available.i.e. will already have them.
    3) The rest of the set is no longer available and i would bet every single copper i have they never will be again.
    4) While wrist items can be seen they are pretty much un-noticable unless your looking very specifically and even if you did see them they don't exactly look very spectacular so no one is going to buy them to show them off.

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    I agree with the above posters that they're going to be a really tough sell. If the AH fails you could take it to trade chat and reference the fact that they're from the scourge invasion-- somebody else out there might speculate that they're valuable and take a chance on them (You'll also get the usual trade chat jokers offering you 5g for the pair... you can just ignore them). If you can unload them like this they'll be somebody else's problem to sell and hopefully you'll be a few gold heavier.

    I'd not be shocked if they ultimately don't sell, though. If that's the case I say just hold onto 'em. They're a nifty memento of a bygone era

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    I could add also the consideration of the gold you are likely to get from selling them compared to the effort you will invest into actually selling them. In raw terms the gold/hour is going to be very poor and would be better invested in more profitable ventures.
    As Traumatic sort of touched upon, they are more like a family heirloom which has some sentimental value but not real monetary value to speak of.

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    For shits and giggles, you could try putting them on the AH for thousands of gold for 48 hours. After you've skewed people's auction data, put them up on the AH again for something like 99g. See if someone takes the bait.

    If it fails, disenchant them and sell the Greater Eternal Essences (I think they DE into that; someone can correct me if I'm wrong). They are in pretty high demand right now for Vanilla BoA enchants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deomitrus View Post
    For shits and giggles, you could try putting them on the AH for thousands of gold for 48 hours. After you've skewed people's auction data, put them up on the AH again for something like 99g. See if someone takes the bait.
    I routinely does this with rare stuff I find with my snatchlist. Usually put em up for +35k gold for a couple of weeks, then lowers it to the price I want for em. Its not the most honest way of doing things, thats true, but people really shouldn't trust their addons as much as they do. I take advantage of lazy people, thats my business. ;P If they are too lazy to check a price, thats their fault.
    Every friday I post some statistics on what/how much I've sold the last week; MySales Weekly Statistics
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sponsor View Post
    I routinely does this with rare stuff...
    It's so much fun to mess with people's addons. xD

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    Thanks for all the replies... maybe I'll just hold on to them.... ahh the good ol' days!



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