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    Strategies for selling uncut gems?

    So, on my server (at the moment, anyway) most of the green quality uncut gems are going for a bit more than 'cut & vendor' value, though not by much after factoring in the AH cut.

    I've got about 20 stacks of each of the colours. Does anyone here have any super-awesome secrets for moving gems en-masse? I usually manage to sell one or two 20 stacks/day, but I create them much faster, and selling singles, three or fives has never done much for me.

    I suspect there is no secret, but you can't blame a guy for tryin'

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    Do you have an enchanter?

    If not, cut and vendor is the fastest way to get rid of excess inventory. Assuming you are buying at or near the vendor floor anyway, this shouldn't hurt you. If you do have an enchanter, make jewelry en masse and disenchant.

    I move so much uncut blue/green/purples on their dailies that I will always hold them back (a good 1-2 stacks per day, depending on gem and day; I've got a backlog of about 200 stacks of ore I haven't processed yet).



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