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    Whats your best low level markets?

    So basic questions for the community.

    What is your most safe/profitable low level market.

    My top ones are, Cloths (excluding linen cloth and netherweave) thorium bars, mithril bars, bronze bars, low level uncutted gems and Netherweave bags. These work best for my server, since mostly other markets are flooded by low level sellers, who undercut which happens often. Also things like iron bars wont sell that easily and i rarely get anything sold. Got 40+ stacks stockked and they rarely sell for more than 1g each (trying to reset markets to 3-6g ea but rarely get even SINGLE stack sold)

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    I like to take iron bars and make steel. I list them in 5/10 stacks at 12.5g ea and a couple times a week someone buys them in addition to all of the cheaper ones.

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    Let's see... Rare, low-level formulas/recipes/etc. are a biggie for me, as well as the various enchanting rods. I also do a few low-level enchants and mats.
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    I'm a fan of my Limited Supply items :P

    I'm sure you know about my Outlands Limited Supply Guide:

    I also have quite a nice Pre-BC and WOTLK Limited Supply route that I still need to release sometime.
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    If I start on a new server, my first sources of income are usually flipping <lvl 60 blues. Scan Auctioneer for a few days, then start flipping. I usually find 'em close to 10g and it's not hard to get around 100g out of most.

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    Vendor Pets. People can't get enough of their vendor pets.

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    Netherweave Bags and Mammoth Mining Bags. Both sell steady and for decent profit. The mining bags are still the largest mining bags in the game; I can sell for 190g-325g each depending on competition.

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    Cloth, Cloth and more Cloth! and are very generous.

    I also do lower level Rods on a weekly basis.

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    Thorium Bars/Enchanted Thorium Bars/Rugged Leather --> Enchanted Thorium Blades --> Greater Eternal Essence shuffle

    Also all levels of enchanting rods and vendor pets

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    NW Bags, Companion Pets, Rich Purple Silk Shirts, Vanilla enchants for BOAs, Rods, Whitesoul Helms, Barbaric Bracers, Arcanite Bars, Spidersilk Boots, Black Vitriol, Shuffling Runecloth Headbands and Enchanted Thorium Blades into GEEs and Illusion Dust, Dense Stones for the Darkmoon Faire.

    Just a few to get you started.



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